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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who are the Racists?

Interesting that actor, Morgan Freeman, believes that Obama has increased racism in the country. I agree with Morgan. Then he goes on to say that people like me, "teaparty" types, are racist cause we want to get rid of the president.

We have to look at why Obama was elected in the first place. No matter where he goes or what he does, he is the least qualified man in the room. He has never held a real job, never hired or fired employees, never sweated over making a payroll, never worried about the cost of providing benefits for his employees, never served a day in the military........no, none of these things.

No the only reason most black people voted for him was because he was BLACK, and not even all black either. I betcha Morgan Freeman voted for him because he was black. Most liberal white people voted for the black man because of guilt. Others were hypnotized by the empty suit promising hope and change. Some were just mad at George Bush and Republicans. Colin Powell kept telling us that we needed to nominate John McCain, the perfect RINO but eminently more qualified than Obama, and then Powell turned around and voted for Obama. WHY?????? Cause he was BLACK!

I've always said that if Obama had been a white guy, he'd be shoveling shit in Louisiana right about now, if you'll allow me to steal a line from one of my favorite generals.

Of course Obama has increased racism. He and the Dimocrats have hidden behind his blackness from the very beginning. Nobody in the 2008 campaign would criticize Obama for fear of being labelled a racist. Even the Republicans today tread lightly when opposing him. Frankly I think the Republican candidates could take it to Obama a lot more forcefully, but no, we would not want to hurt any black feelings.

If we oppose Obama's socialist policies, we're racists. It couldn't possibly have anything to do that he is trying to destroy the fabric that made this country great.

So Obama was elected for one reason and one reason only.....HE WAS BLACK. Now how racist are the people that elected him? Those people are the true racists.

As for me, a hateful, racist, teaparty type, I am supporting Herman Cain. Why? He's a conservative, a businessman, he's brilliant, and I think he's the man that can get us out of this economic abyss we find ourselves in. Oh, he's black you say? Hmmmmm, I had not noticed! Now who's the racist?

By the way, Herman Cain took issue with Morgan Freeman over his comments. Good for you, Herman.

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