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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who are the REAL Cronies?

So Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have both accused Rick Perry of "crony capitalism" regarding the HOAX of the HPV vaccine story. In my last post I already pointed that the "mental retardation" thing was false. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever linking mental retardation to the HPV vaccine. Yet Sarah Palin jumps on the bandwagon.

As my good friend, Rush Limbaugh, pointed out yesterday, the charge of crony capitalism is serious and goes beyond just political sideswiping. It implies criminal activity by Rick Perry.

I am really beginning to think that Bachmann and Palin are the real cronies here. Palin has not declared. Is she waiting to throw her full support behind Michele Bachmann? Are there favors involved? Hmmmm? Is this just dirty politics as usual?


  1. I'm bummed. I went to bat for these women against the lefties who portrayed them as batsh*t insane. Now with the gardasil issue I think the lefties may be right. Dr. Wife agrees that it was a bad idea for Perry to mandate the vaccine, but she recommends it to her patients - even boys - because it's one of the few weapons we have against cancer.

  2. Yeah, Scott, it is disheartening but not surprising. Politicians are politicians. Right now the most attractive candidate for me is Herman Cain. He's not a politician which makes him all the more attractive.

    I think Michele is getting desperate and this is causing her to go off the deep end.

  3. I like Cain too and Newt - even the non-homophobic bits of Santorum - but none of these guys will make it through the end of the year let alone the early primaries.

    I would love nothing more than to see Obama in a debate with Newt or Herman. It would be like throwing chum to sharks. But Perry? The man needed a Red Bull after 30 mins.

  4. Hi I think that happens everywhere so there is always buddies instead of doing something good that will do all of minced