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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun With Looney Facebook Liberals

For reasons unknown there is a liberal on Facebook that has friended me. I'll call him Don (not his real name). I told him on the front end that I was a no nonsense Reagan conservative, but he insisted on being my friend because he thought I had a good sense of humor. I am still not sure how he found me in the first place.

As you might expect, Don posts nonsensical left wing stuff. For the most part I just scroll on by but every now and then I'll interject a C bomb right into the middle of one of this threads. A couple of days ago Don came up with some nonsense about the politicians and political candidates "robbing people of their Social Security and Medicare". I just couldn't resist. I left a comment asking for the specific names of politicians or candidates that were trying to rob people of their benefits.

Funny how you can't seem to get a straight answer out of a liberal. After a bit of prodding someone finally said REPUBLICANS were trying to do away with SS and Medicare. I pressed the issue. "Give me the name of a SPECIFIC Republican that is guilty of this and tell me about his plan."

There was much beating around the bush but nobody would name a single Republican. Then somehow they started picking on Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. To their horror I told him Herman was a great guy and his 9-9-9 plan was revolutionary. I did not let them off the hook. I went back to asking about a single Republican that was planning to do away with SS and Medicare.

The next attempt was "all the Teaparty Republicans". I told them that this was not good enough. I wanted a specific name and a plan.

By this time some of the participants began hurling curse words at me and started making disparaging remarks about my heritage. I was surprised that nobody called me a Nazi. One did suggest I was a racist in spite of the fact that I am a Herman Cain supporter.

Finally one brave soul suggested that Paul Ryan wanted to do away with SS and Medicare and that the idea of Medicare vouchers was lunacy. When I pointed out that Ryan's SS plan would not affect anyone 55 and over and when I also pointed out that the voucher program would be OPTIONAL and that those seniors who chose to remain with traditional Medicare could do so, I was again treated to a few curse words and then silence. I betcha none of them had ever heard or ever bothered to listen to the entire Paul Ryan proposal.

From that point things pretty much deteriorated. One woman got so mad that she declared she was having a migraine and going to bed. Another suggested that people like me were dangerous to America and that the rest had better pay attention to what I was saying otherwise all was lost. I'd let them rant and the interject an occasional C bomb into the middle of it.

What is funny and perhaps sad is that these people are completely deceived and brainwashed, they are deathly serious, angry, have no sense of humor whatsoever, and have no facts on which to base their arguments. They also are too stupid to realize when someone is F*CKing with them intentionally. They just get madder and madder.

They seemed shocked and appalled that anyone such as I would argue with them. I guess perhaps they are used to the establishment Republican types that are willing to compromise, be politically correct, and never hurt anyone's feelings. They also seemed bothered by the fact that I identified myself as a conservative and not a Republican. They were also very distressed that I referred to Obama as, "empty suit", "the least qualified man in the room", "Barackalypse Now", "Obamanation", and "Debt Man Walking". Oh life is such fun!

Don, my liberal friend, tries to portray himself as the voice of reason in the midst of all this. He told me that if he were a Republican that he would vote for Mitt Romney because Romney frightened him a lot less than the rest of them. I told Don that this was because Romney was a liberal just like him. I can't understand for the life of me what it is they are afraid of. How could anyone be afraid of Herman Cain, a man that came from humble beginnings, soft spoken, hard working, well educated, and good grief he has a sense of humor and can sing! What are they afraid of?

Today I almost gave a woman a stroke when I told Don that if Obama really loved America, he could resign and go back to Kenya! This humorless woman declared, "I am deleting this SH_T!". I told her to, "Be my guest and go ahead and delete your Facebook account while you're at it!"

Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaaa! I am just wondering how long it's gonna be before Don develops buyer's remorse.


  1. I have hermit tendencies so I am not a big fan of FB. But I also have an obnoxious streak so I do enjoy poking the embers when libs get all stirred up. FB might be fun.

    : )

  2. HossBoss, there are a lot of tightly wound, overly serious, dramatic people on FB from all political walks. I love finding them and I love messing with their minds.

  3. These useful idiots have been taught slogans not how to use their brains. In fact when they do use their brains and stop shouting slogans, you can see the smoke coming out of the ears.

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