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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Grouch Assesses Republican Presidential Candidates - October Edition

Well I watched the debates on CNN a couple of days ago and the debates on Bloomberg last week. I didn't learn much and my opinions did not change. For my September assessment, click HERE.

Herman Cain took quite a pounding, mainly over his 9-9-9 plan. This is no surprise since the other candidates don't really have a plan. I have been told by others that I really need to research Cain's plan, that I am going to end up paying more taxes. Well, I have done a good bit of research. The truth of the matter is that I will probably end up paying about the same. Maybe a little more or a little less. It's pretty hard to quantify. The big benefit as I see it is the scrapping of the tax code. It is no wonder that so many of Cain's opponents are up in arms over this. They have used the IRS now for decades to browbeat and intimidate the taxpayers. They certainly do not want to give up all that power.

All of a sudden I hear that Rick Perry is coming out with a flat tax proposal.....hmmm.

So here are my classifications:

Category 1 - I would gladly vote for this candidate
Herman Cain
Rick Santorum

Cain has been nothing but a solid, unapologetic conservative with a real plan to fix things. I have sent Cain money. He is my choice. Santorum can get a bit whiny at times but I can't argue with his message. If Herman doesn't pan out, I'll look to Santorum.

Category 2 - I'll hold my nose and vote for this candidate
Rick Perry
Michele Bachmann

Perry's stance on instate tuition for illegals is still hanging over his head and it worries me greatly. I did enjoy watching him get into a cat fight with Romney in the debate the other night. I heard a pundit the other day say that if we could see the "real" Perry instead of the one we see in the debates we would have a far improved opinion of him. Where is the real Rick Perry?

I don't know if Bachmann is just stupid or if she's just getting bad advice. Her message is flat and not very exciting. She continues to drop in the polls. I just shook my head when she referred to Cain's 9-9-9 plan as a 6-6-6 plan. Good grief, is that the best she can do? I heard a bunch of liberals yesterday saying the same thing about Cain.

Category 3 - I will not vote for any of these
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
John Huntsman
Gary Johnson
Ron Paul

Romney continues to get worse. It is clear now that Obamacare was based upon his socialized health plan in Massachusetts. And now he's even praising Algore for his work against the hoax of man made global warming. If this man is the nominee it will be sad, because I'll sit out the election. I have a feeling that a lot of other conservatives will too. Obama's second term will be a bitch.

Gingrich says a lot of good stuff and there is no doubt he is a smart guy. I cannot get past the images of him sitting down with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and agreeing with them on things like global warming and cap and trade and bipartisan health care reform. Newt blew the first contract with America, mainly because of his eagerness to COMPROMISE with Dimocrats. Now he wants a second chance for a contract with America. He does not deserve a second chance.

So there it is my friends. What say you?

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