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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Herman is my Man!

I have taken the plunge. I sent Herman Cain some money last night. Herman is my man. I have made my choice. The American Spectator presented an article, Nine Reasons why Republicans Should Nominate Herman Cain.

If you're super lazy, here they are, summarized:

1. He [Herman Cain] has no sense of entitlement.
2. He worked at Burger King.
3. He has never held elected office.
4. He is a mathematician.
5. He was a CEO.
6. He is the adult in the room.
7. He would make liberal charges of racism look really, really stupid.
8. The content of his character.
9. 9-9-9
Now get off your butts and let's make this happen!

I can't wait for the RNC to call again begging for money. I can tell them, "I have contributed to Herman Cain. You people need to get off your butts and get behind him."


  1. Tell them that, I will too when they call.

    Right Truth

  2. Now I know what to say! Herman Cain is the best candidate! Great blog, here.

  3. Mine too. I can vote FOR this man. Can you imagine the debate with him and Obama?