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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Far the Mighty Have Fallen

0-5. That's the Indianapolis Colts. They have not won a single game so far. Peyton Manning is out probably for the rest of the year, maybe for good IMO, with an injured neck. Necks are not something you can fool with. A single blow could result in permanent disability for the great QB. I know Manning wants to get back into the fray, but reality is often times sobering.

I am not a Colts fan. They share the division with the Titans. But I do like Manning, I guess cause he came from the University of Tennessee. It is also painful to watch such a normally successful team in the midst of such enormous struggle. It is not a pleasant thing.

Conversely, I watched the unbeaten Detroit Lions dismantle the Chicago Bears last night. Who would have thought last year the Lions would be in such a position?

Indeed the pendulum does swing.

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