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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Sick of PINK!

I got this off of the Titans Facebook page. This is about the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. It is about as ridiculous as the players running around with pink shoes and gloves. Wearing a pink ribbon, or posting a pink picture on my Facebook page, or painting my bald head pink is not gonna make me one damned bit more aware of breast cancer than I was yesterday or last week or last year.

Geez I do hate symbolism over substance. Instead of putting up a buncha pink junk just write a check to the American Cancer Society.


  1. I have to agree. There's a section in almost every store you go into right now supposedly in support of 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month.' The shelves in that section are full of pink stuff ...everyday items, but in pink. Signs say 'a portion of every dollar you spend goes to cancer research.' Well, how about I just send whatever I would be spending to the American Cancer Society, instead of buying some $10 pink thingy that promises 'a portion of' my $10 will go to cancer research? The wording is kind of obscure. As little as a penny is a portion, right?

  2. It's all just liberal symbolism over substance BS, HossBoss. People just FEEL SO MUCH BETTER when they display something pink, but I guess nothing says "I CARE" better than sending in a bunch of GREENbacks.

    I'm just not into all that touchy-feely feel good crap.

  3. I hate pink. I have always hated pink. And these idiots want me to wear pink? Want me to donate to their cause, a pink cause?

    I'll donate to the charity down the block first.

  4. Agree ! Imagine Bronco Nagurski, Tank Younger and Les Bingamin wearing pink.
    MM from Georgia