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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's All Up to YOU!

I just like Herman Cain more and more every day. Now he has told the "Occupy Wall Street" idiots that they have only themselves to blame for lacking a job. Yes, indeedy, Herman is right again. First of all I betcha the vast majority of the idiots in the Occupy movement voted for Obama. Well, there ya go. Bad decisions lead to bad consequences. Of course I'm sure he will be demonized by both the left and the establishment Republicans.

It all boils down to one thing. If you're going to have good things happen in your life. it is going to be up to YOU to make that happen. If you choose to rely on someone else and particularly the gubment then you will probably be in store for some disappointing results. If you spend your time whining and complaining, you'll find yourself in the same hole from which you started. You tell'um. Herman.

I heard some more of the Fox News pundits saying yesterday that Herman is NOT a serious candidate. Oh they were so hoping for Christie. Too bad they can't get behind Cain with such enthusiasm.

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