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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone Besides Herman has an Idea???

Well I hear rumblings that Rick Perry is going to propose a flat tax. I have been snooping around and I can't seem to find any details. Could be he hasn't figured it out yet. In any case it is nice to hear that someone besides my man, Herman Cain, is going to present a plan. Perhaps Perry sees Herman ahead in the polls and figures that a man with a plan is better than a man without a plan, who knows?

If Perry's plan is any good and makes any sense then you can bet he will immediately be demonized by the left, the establishment Republicans, and the other candidates that talk a lot but do not have a plan.

So Rick, tell your wife to get ready. It will be ugly.

Actually I hope he does come up with a good idea. Herman Cain may fall by the wayside. Certainly the establishment Republicans are hoping so. I'm trying to warm up to Perry in case I need a fall back position. I don't see Rick Santorum going anywhere. Perry may have some problems but he's a helluva lot better than Romney. So let's see what Rick has to say. Bring it on, Rick!

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