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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time to Dismantle the IRS

So Rick Perry has proposed a flat tax. You can fill out your taxes on an index card and send the money in. SWEET! Herman Cain also has a flat tax, 9 percent. FICA and Medicare are eliminated. Fill out a postcard and send the money in. SWEET!

They are getting blasted by the left and the media. It's just not fair. It will hurt the poor. It will hurt the middle class. It will give tax breaks to those evil RICH Americans that don't deserve it. Rick Perry said he did not care if the "rich" got a tax break. He was glad to see money going to those who would create jobs and investment for the rest of the country. Good for you, Rick. Tell it like it is.

Then I heard some of the same, tired, old Fox News pundits saying that Perry and Cain aren't electable. They said even if they were that their plans would not pass in congress. Perhaps they are right. So what if they are? Does that mean we just need to throw up our hands in disgust and elect a RINO without a plan? No, it means that in addition to electing a conservative president, we ought to concentrate on electing more and more conservatives to congress until the "establishment" becomes an inconsequential minority.

The bottom line is that the Warshington establishment does not really want tax reform as they do not really want to cut spending. The current tax code is insanely complicated by design, so complex in fact that individuals and business have to spend billions of dollars every year simply to comply. And over the years the gubment has used the IRS as a weapon to coerce and intimidate the citizens of this country. Make an honest mistake on your complicated tax form and it's penalties and interest for you. It really frosts me at the thoughts of paying the gubment penalties and interest on money that is mine to begin with.

Yes, my friends, with the gubment holding this immense power over us in the form of the IRS, you can bet the politicians are not willing to cede this power back to where it rightfully belongs, the people. They will employ their willing lackeys in the drive by media and the pundits on Fox News to minimize and demonize any idea that would result in the scrapping of the tax code and the dismantling of the IRS. Therefore Cain and Perry will never be "serious" candidates in their eyes.

The best idea of all is the FAIR TAX. No income tax whatsoever, but that's a story for another day.

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