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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trash a Conservative, Choose a RINO

Well, they can't seem to derail Herman Cain on the issues so they have reverted to smear tactics. Politico reports that a couple of women have accused Herman Cain of "inappropriate behavior". Naturally the reporter coming up with this crap has stated he was not going to "get into the details" of "an incident that may or may not have happened where Cain may or may not have invited a woman up to his hotel room".

What kind of biased crap is this?

Well that is just what it is, CRAP. Ann Coulter agrees with me when she says that the left is "terrified of strong, conservative, black men". I remember the pummeling that Clarence Thomas took before his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill? Another bunch of crap. If the media cannot de-fang a conservative on the issues they will try to ruin them personally. Clarence Thomas survived. Hopefully Herman will too.

The liberal media along with the establishment Republicans and the Fox News pundits want to choose the RINO, Mitt Romney, for us so badly they can just taste it, in much the same way they chose the losing RINO, John McCain in 2008. I even wondered if Rick Perry and Mitt Romney might have had a hand in the big Herman smear, but I kind of doubt it. They both sort of act like Cain doesn't even exist and seem content to launch darts at each other.

The liberal media would like the rest of us to think this as well, but deep in the bowels of hell I think they realize that Herman Cain is a REAL threat and they are absolutely scared to death.

Politics is sickening, isn't it?

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  1. Herman Cain leads in just about all the polls, including in Texas, beating Perry, Paul, and Romney... and beating Obama. I don't think this will be more than a bump in the road for Cain.

    Right Truth