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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bring Back Smoking Sections

Tennessee has a state law prohibiting smoking in any restaurant serving people under 21 years of age (like it is any of the state's bidness). I say GREAT! Lets bring back smoking sections to all restaurants in Tennessee! Yes indeed, there is a place in Jackson called Redbones Grill and Bar. Smoking is allowed in the restaurant. The added benefit to this is that there are NO SCREAMING SNOTTY NOSED LITTLE KIDS! Nobody under 21! What a fabulous idea! You can go in there, get a great meal at a reasonable price, have a smoke if you're so inclined, and not be bothered by a bunch of screeching and screaming, and a family of dweebs sitting there saying, "Oh, isn't she just PRECIOUS?"

No, it's not PRECIOUS!

I hope that every restaurant in the state will follow Redbones lead and re-institute smoking! Well, OK, maybe not McDonalds and Burger King and Chuck E Cheese. I'm not going to be in those places anyway.

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