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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cub Scouts

We’ll begin in park somewhere near Washington DC.  The heavily wooded park is owned by the federal government.  Smelling trouble already, aren’t you?  So it seems that yesterday some Scout leader took his little band of six-year-old Cub Scouts to the park to collect some leaves.  The leaves, you see, are changing right now, and some of the colors are beautiful.  The Cub Scouts were going to collect leaves and preserve them for a scrapbook.  As the Scouts are walking along a trail, there being tailed by a federal employee park security guard.  She follows as the Scouts pick up some of the prettier leaves and put them in their little plastic bags.  The security guard is a security and law enforcement professional.  Surely you know that, because, as Tom Dashle told us, “You don’t professionalize until you federalize.”  Finally our stalwart professional drives up to the Cub Scouts, gets out of her car, and orders the Cub Scouts to open their baggies and dump those leaves right back there on the road.  “You can’t take them,” she said.  “This is federal property.”  Now these are Cub Scouts, not occupy protesters, so they do what they are told to do by this symbol of government authority.  As the Cub Scouts (some of them crying) left, the man who told me this story (you would know him, but I’m not going to name him) walked up the professional security guard and said “Hey; is this really worth it?”  She responded in what he describes as a harsh voice – very close to yelling – “This is federal property and those leaves are federal property and those are the rules.” 

Really, folks.  Those are the rules?  What can you say?  These kids were six-years-old.  How do you think they are going to feel on their next encounter with someone in a state or national park – whether it be a security guard or a Park Ranger?  Is this really representative of the quality of employees we are forking over taxpayer dollars to?

Hat Tip - Neal Boortz.
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