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Monday, November 28, 2011

Fox News Channel is Not Required

The leader of the Looney Facebook Liberals gets easily frustrated with me when he can't defend his positions in the face of truth and logic, and true to form begins to launch personal attacks. Today, for the second time in fact, he accused me of getting ALL of my information from Fox News. I asked him how did he know I watched Fox News. He said he could just tell by the comments I made.

This comment is very revealing about liberals. It tells me that THEY get ALL of their information either from the network news or one of those bastions of balanced reporting such as MSNBC. I am sure some of them visit the looney blogs like Daily KOS or the Huffington Post. In any case, they go to these places and immediately latch on to the same ridiculous left wing talking points. It is actually pretty obvious since they all spout pretty much the same thing. Anyone with half a brain that took the time to research the truth would soon realize that most of those liberal talking points are nothing but a load of crap.

I let them know today that I actually watched Fox News very little. During the week I only watch the last 20 minutes of Special Report with Bret Baier (the "panel"). I go there to listen to Charles Krauthammer and they always have one or two liberal commentators as well. Tonight I believe in addition to Krauthammer they had one from the Washington Post (slanted liberal rag) and the New York Times (another slanted liberal rag). Hmmmmm, seems pretty balanced to me.

On Saturday I catch Fox News Watch which has 4 commentators, 2 liberal and 2 "conservative" (I use the term conservative advisedly) as I am usually a lot more conservative than the people on Fox News. On Sunday I watch Chris Wallace's panel.

That is pretty much all I watch on FNC. I can't stand Hannity. Bill O'Reilly is a big windbag that just likes to hear himself talk. I never have cared for Greta. Shepard Smith is a joke that pisses his pants every time there is a car chase. So, no, there is not much on Fox News that catches my interest. I get most of my information from the internet after reading many articles per day from various news sources.

I think what really aggravates the Looney Facebook Liberals is that I don't have to have some place feeding me daily talking talking points and telling me what to think. I think it just blow their minds that I REALLY believe what I believe without any help from the outside.

They often get very perplexed that I will rip Republicans often more viciously than Democrats. One thing that really aggravates the hell out of the liberals is when they hurl a personal attack at me, instead of responding, I'll just click the "like" button on their comment. It drives them nuts that I like their insults. Oh, it is just so much fun pissing off liberals! Yea!

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