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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Your New Poo Tattoo

If you're a regular reader of GROUCH, you'll know that I don't care much for tattoos. No, I basically think it is stupid and a bad life choice to permanently plaster some hideous image on your body. No, I don't give a rat's ass about your need to express yourself.

So this dude who is a tattoo artist apparently got pissed off at his girlfriend who is into bad life choices. She wanted him to tattoo some kind of scene from the Narnia Trilogy on her back. Now my first question is why would anyone in their right mind want that nonsense tattooed on their back? Alas, I digress.......

Well, the tattoo artist was angry cause he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Instead he tattooed a big, steaming pile of poo, complete with swarming flies on her backside.

Of course she was outraged and is suing for damages. Actually I think it is pretty funny and I don't feel a bit sorry for her. This is the risk you run when you make poor life choices. Bwaa Haa Haa.

Go HERE to read all about it.
Green Bottle Fly.....Fresh poo! Yum! Chomp chomp!

1 comment:

  1. To be honest I have to agree with you there sir. I know of this story well by now but happened to come across it again by looking across images of some random tattoos. Any woman, or man for that matter, who has the audacity to cheat and then decides to put his or her trust and faith in the person they're cheating on deserves everything that's coming to them. She cheated, she got caught, and now because of her stupid decision to do that, when all she could have done was broke off the relationship if she was unhappy, like must people should. She has to live with a pile of shit on her back. Literally. I am not one bit sorry.