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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Grouch Assesses Republican Presidential Candidates - November Edition

Well things seem to be shaping up. It is obvious that Herman Cain is NOT a politician and has a real hard time spinning BS damage control when lame accusations are launched at him from the left, the lame stream media, and the Republican establishment. Nevertheless, Cain remains in the lead in most polls.

Perry can't seem to gain much traction in spite of his introduction of a flat tax. It's still early. Things may pick up for him.

Newt Gingrich is gaining ground and places third in many polls. People are searching for alternatives to Romney. Too bad they haven't figured out that Gingrich is NOT a conservative.

Romney, no matter what he does still remains between 23 and 25 percent in the polls. I guess those people are the ones that still believe moderates are what is required to beat Obama.

Category 1 - I would gladly vote for this candidate
Herman Cain - Still MY CHOICE and receiving my financial support.
Rick Santorum - His chances are slim to none, trending toward none. 

Category 2 - I would hold my nose and vote for this candidate
Rick Perry - His immigration ambiguity still worries me. I'm still waiting for him to show me something exciting.

Michele Bachmann - Actually I like the woman but even Herman Cain has better political savvy. She's in the same boat with Rick Santorum and the boat is sinking.

Category 3 - I will not vote for any of these
Newt Gingrich - Read my POST just below. He's NOT a conservative.
Mitt Romney - If you have to ask why, you're just not paying attention. 
John Huntsman - ditto
Gary Johnson - ditto
Ron Paul - ditto

So there it is, boys and girls. If you disagree with my assessment, I'd love to hear about it. Don't be shy!


  1. I agree with you.

    Right Truth

  2. Well up until a few weeks ago I was with you on Newt. Lately though he sounds like the only adult in the room. Yes he has some baggage. Yes he's got some RINO issues. BUT and this is huge he's got the most leadership qualities, the best speaking talent and I gotta say he'd mop the floor with Obama on the national stage.

    Herman Cain vs Obama could go either way. Romney vs Obama Obama will win simply because Obamacare is OFF the table. The RACE card would be firmly played against Romney and it's a 2008 election all over again.

    Newt vs Obama is a toss up but Newt can obliterate Obama over the socialist issues that obama must defend. The race card will be played but Newt is very experienced in debating and wouldn't allow that to stuff the discussion.

    Just my opinions man, I'm not a pro-Newt guy. I'm an ANYBODY BUT OBAMA guy. I'll hold my nose and vote for ANYONE but Obama. Hell YOU want to run? I got your back.

  3. Bushwack, I'd never make it. In the first place I wouldn't promise anyone anything from gubment other than have the gubment get out of everyone's way. I'd tell them to quit whining, quit depending on gubment, and make good things happen for themselves. It's not the message entitlement minded America wants to hear.