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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'll Have a Steak, Medium Rare, Hold the Screeching and Screaming

Last night, sweet Wifey and I went out for dinner and a movie. We visited Cheddar's, a nice place with good food and good prices. The downside about "good" prices is that they tend to attract the undesirable elements such as snotty, screaming kids.

We were early and for a change, they were not busy. The hostess escorted us past many quiet, empty booths and tables all the way to the back. She proceeded to seat us next to a family and a small, snotty nosed child in a high chair. The kid was already making vile, high pitched noises.

I told the hostess that we would not sit next to this screaming kid and that she needed to place us somewhere else. I said it loud enough that the inconsiderate family with the kid could hear. The hostess gave me the most dirty of looks and I was prepared to tell her we would just go somewhere else.

Instead, she turned and took us back up to one of the empty quiet booths we had previously passed along the way. I told her that this was "much better".

You know, it's MY MONEY. If I'm going to go into a place for a nice meal, I'm not going to pay to be tortured by the screaming of some little brat. Oh, I know, the parents think the little sh*t is JUST PRECIOUS, but I think the little sh*t is ANNOYING AS HELL and the sound is certainly not conducive to good digestion.

It wasn't long before the little brat launched into the FULL SCREECH MODE. In spite of this I noticed the same hostess seat two or three more people in the vicinity of the screecher. I don't get it.

They have outlawed smoking in restaurants I am sure because of the HOAX of the ill health effects of second hand smoke. I want to know why they can't have gubment mandated ADULT ONLY sections in restaurants? Second hand screeching must be a health hazard. There ought to be a law. Perhaps I could apply for a couple million dollars of federal grant money to study the health effects of such vile noises.

I have no understanding or compassion for people that subject me to the guttural screeching of their offspring, There are cures for this problem. It's called BABYSITTERS and TAKEOUT. You know the old saying, "Children should been seen and not heard." Well I happen to think that children should be NOT seen and NOT heard. Just leave them at home. A whole bunch of people in this world do not appreciate your little bundle of joy.

By the time we finished eating, the place had started to fill up and our quiet area had been infiltrated with other little yard apes. Fortunately, we were done before the screeching started.

From Cheddar's we went to see J. Edgar, a very good movie by our old friend, Clint Eastwood. I recommend it highly.

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  1. I agree completely. It would not be a problem at all in a place as large as Cheddars, to seat all the families with children in the same section, leaving the rest of the restaurant open for couples, singles, who want a nice, quiet evening out.

    Right Truth