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Saturday, November 5, 2011

It Really Sucks Being Broke

The Facebook liberals are at it again. This weekend they are lamenting that those evil Republicans are "blocking" all attempts by their hero, Hussein Obama, to "help" the struggling people of America. They seem to think that Obama can somehow create jobs for everyone. They didn't like it much when I told them Obama did not have a clue. Oh they failed to mention that some of the Senate Dimocrats voted to "block" the president's plan as well. Shhhhhhhhh! Wouldn't want that to leak out!

Of course this nonsense of "helping" translates into spending more money that we don't have on programs that do not work. Uh, the same proposal did not work in 2009 and wasted almost a trillion dollars. The only thing that happens is that gubment gets bigger and bigger. I explained to them that in spite of their noble attempts to spend someone else's money on a hopeless cause that we DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY! WE ARE BROKE! My attempts to explain that gubment cannot solve the problem was not well received. I am afraid that my suggestion that every break should be giving to the private sector to grow the economy and CREATE jobs also fell on deaf ears. No, to the liberal, the solution to every problem is more gubment and more spending. The private sector is evil.

As you might imagine they tried to change the subject and started blaming George Bush and his two wars for the mess. Now you can argue until you're blue in the face the reasons for our BROKE-NESS. If you want to blame Bush, fine. Unfortunately, that still does not change the fact that we are still broke. What part of BROKE do they not understand? In fact I just read that we are now 15 trillion in debt. Thank you Hussein Obama and the establishment Republicans in congress.

Yep, it really sucks being BROKE!

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