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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Jesus Card

Well, here is another report on the LOONEY FACEBOOK LIBERALS. Trust me folks, it is just the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Well now 2 of these liberals, both women, have accused me of not being a "good Christian". Funny how there are people out there that really don't even know you who think it is their place to lecture you about your morality and your salvation.

I gathered that they developed this opinion when I defended the Republican congress for refusing to go along with lord Obama's "jobs" bill. They decided that I was against the working people of America. I was against "helping the poor". Jesus would want me to help the poor they said. I was more interested in money than helping my fellow man........all of this nonsense simply because I opposed Obama's jobs bill.

Over and over again I explained that we did not have the money for another jobs bill. WE ARE BROKE! Obama's first jobs bill did not work, did not create jobs, and wasted billions of dollars. Indeed, Obama's jobs bill was never intended to pass. It was strictly a political stunt, something with which Obama could bash the Republicans as being heartless and not caring about the American people. Hey it worked! The looney Facebook liberals have swallowed the scam hook, line, and sinker. But, no, none of that made a bit of sense to them. What followed were angry, hate filled, personal attacks.

But they had played the Jesus card and I could not let it go. First I explained that my relationship with Jesus was just fine and only He really knew what was in a person's heart. Then I proceeded to tell the first liberal babe that she was lecturing me on morality and yet she supported a party that sanctioned the murder of millions of unborn innocent children.

She went into an absolute rage and let me know right then and there that she was PRO LIFE! OK, so she's pro life, and yet she supports the Democrat party and its platforms and principles. It doesn't make sense to me. Does it to the rest of you?

The second liberal babe then tried lecturing me about Jesus. (I don't know if either of them are babes. They may look worse than the Sea Hag's cousin). I told the gal that she had no problem lecturing me about the Lord but better not mention His name in a public school or event! OH NO!

From there, the conversation spiraled into more name calling and more personal attacks. I was told that school prayer was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! When did a liberal ever worry about the Constitution before? I was told that there might be Jews or Muslims there that did not want to hear the Christian prayer. Fine! Let them leave the room! What if a Muslim wanted to lead a prayer? Fine! I could leave the room! Of course common sense would dictate that prayer in a school was not an attempt by the government to ESTABLISH a religion. On the contrary, the prohibition of prayer is a violation of free speech. My goodness don't they have things backward?

There was a further decline until finally one of the hags took issue with Don (not his real name) for ever friending me in the first place and that I should be banned. Another said she just could not stand to look at her page when I was on there. One thing is for sure. They go absolutely bananas if you turn race or religion back upon them.

Liberals, they are just beyond comprehension. They call me stupid. I call them gullible, deceived, brainwashed, and completely humorless. Let's look at it on the bright side though folks. Several liberals are absolutely outraged tonight just because of your good friend, the Grouch at Right Truth! Oh what fun!

So if you wanna play the race card or the Jesus card, fine! Just realize if you play it on the Grouch you may be in for quite a ride!


  1. I'll raise your Jesus card with 2 Moses and 3 Davids. I guess my Full House will beat your single Jesus (and eat me out of house and home).

  2. Well the 4 Mohammeds would strap bombs to the 4 queens and 4 jacks I guess.

  3. That's only when Mohammeds are wild, Grouch. Otherwise, they're the Jokers in the pack and worthless.