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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's Stick to the Issues

I disagree with some of the the things Charles Krauthammer says, but yesterday he was on the mark. The political camps of Herman Cain and Rick Perry are in the process of bickering at each other over this sexual harassment nonsense launched at Herman Cain.

I don't know if Perry's campaign is responsible for leaking this stuff to Politico but when you think about it, it kinda makes sense. Right now the race is between Romney and Cain. If Cain can be destroyed then perhaps the race would be between Romney and Perry.

Would it? Really? Seems that Newt Gingrich is placing third in many polls. Krauthammer also points out that when candidates attack each other, one is destroyed and the other is weakened as in the case of Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann. So in a slap fest between Cain and Perry the winner is Mitt Romney and perhaps Newt Gingrich.

It's time for Herman Cain to forget about all the distractions and get back to the issues. Get back to explaining and unfolding his 9-9-9 plan. Get back to his conservative message. Show us how he's going to beat Barack Obama in 2012.

I'm tired of all this he said, she said, he said stuff. I like both Cain and Perry. I don't want to see them both destroyed and be left with the likes of Romney and Gingrich. Let's hear some real substance from the conservative candidates, please!


  1. Grouch,

    Cain has certainly defeated the premise of the Establishment "politicocracy". If Cain defers battling the accusations and concentrates on talking about the economy and conservative values, then the accusers (from both parties) will lose out to the public, which has, for all intents and purposes, elevated Cain on message and substance alone.

    The Left fears the Cain machine because it is steamrolling along on the same Internet wave that got Obama elected.

    Now, Herman Cain has turned into what Barack Obama was SUPPOSED to be for America...and the Progressives are stewing over the prospects!

  2. R. J. I just hope Herman holds tough and keeps going. I think about what was done to Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. I think how the media and many in the Republican party still vilify Sarah Palin and she's not even running. She's simply a conservative thinking woman. If we end up with Romney because of all this it will be a damned shame.

  3. Grouch,

    Romney came in third after McCain and Huckabee in 2008. Why do we always try to vote in somebody that wasn't good enough to get elected before.

    You don't get points for "runner up" in my book. This is not like sports where you keep adding to the team until you can finally win or something. If the people don't want you -- you bow out gracefully. You don't make a career out of running...