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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michelle Obama Booed! Oh the Horror!

The looney Facebook liberals were all upset yesterday because their favorite FLOTUS, Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR race in Florida. They were just outraged over how disrespectful the whole thing was. It doesn't take much to outrage a liberal, you know.

My friend, Rush Limbaugh, had a very good monologue about the whole thing yesterday. When you read Rush's analysis it is not surprising she was booed.

I've thought about this. Why would people boo the first lady? The media can't believe it. But I can. People don't like be told they're lousy parents, and Mrs. Obama has done that. People resent Mrs. Obama's bizarre need to tell us what to eat and how much to exercise. She also has, let's not forget her husband, Mrs. Obama has a husband that runs around and apologizes for this country that he was elected to lead. Australia the latest example. He went over there and basically apologized for the worthlessness of American students. I'm also pretty sure this crowd is not eager to go out and buy a car that you have to plug in in order to drive. This is a fast car kind of crowd. This is not a Prius, Volt, Leaf, plug it in and charge it for the 40-miles crowd.

Also I might point out people that go to NASCAR races are the very people her husband called bitter clingers. When things aren't going well, what do they do? Why, they cling to their guns, and they cling to their religion. Oh, and there was that trillion dollars for Obama's union and green energy contributors, all of this money that Obama has given to people like Solyndra and all these screwy expenditures, not to mention the fact that her husband has bankrupted the US economy. Oh, and what about Obamacare? You think the people at the NASCAR race might be among the crowd, among the 65 to 70% of the country that wants no part of her husband's health care bill that Moochelle campaigned for? What is so hard to understand about this woman being booed? Only in media capitals could you scratch your head over the fact that the first lady gets booed. Are they still of the belief that the Obamas have 90% approval, that they're loved and adored by everybody, that they're still considered Mr. and Mrs. Messiah?

I'm not a NASCAR fan. I find the whole idea of driving round and round a track about as boring as baseball, basketball, or golf. But I gotta say that if Michelle had attended one of my events, I would have booed her as well. This woman and her communist husband do not deserve my respect.

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