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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Newt Gingrich, a Paragon of Virtue......NOT!

OK, so after all this time the story comes out, from his daughter, that Newt did not visit his cancer stricken wife in the hospital to deliver the news that he was divorcing her. Instead, it was his ex-wife, Jackie Battley who wanted the divorce and by the way, she had a benign tumor, not cancer. The stories of Battley and the daughter seem to conflict.

After all this time, why is the daughter just now coming clean? Why did we not hear this story long ago?

Whatever the truth surrounding that event, Gingrich left his first wife and 6 months later married a woman named Marianne Ginther. In 1991 he began having an affair with a staffer, Callista Bisek, eventually leaving Ginther to marry Bisek in 2000.

I have heard about Republicans APOLOGIZING to Gingrich for believing the original story about him leaving his cancer stricken first wife. APOLOGIZING? APOLOGIZING! Hell, I'm still not convinced that the original story is not true.

All this personal stuff aside, I could care less about Newt's conduct. The bottom line is that Newt is not a conservative. He is a RINO and a liar. He will take any position that lends itself to his good political fortune.

He was for the individual health insurance mandate before he was against it. Or is he against it? Who knows?

So which is it Newt? You really can't have it both ways, but I guess if you're a RINO you actually can. There is no provision in the Constitution of the United States that allows the gubment to dictate the purchase of any product, healthcare or otherwise. This is the TRUE conservative position. Sounds like Newt, Romney, and Obama are all in bed together on this issue. SICKENING!
The TRUE conservative position should be one that protects the Constitution at all costs, even if it doesn't allow you to implement your favorite gubment program and also to SLASH the size of gubment. Unfortunately, Gingrich does not share these values. He is simply a big gubment Republican.....a partisan but not a conservative.

Now if that does not make you puke, you have an iron stomach. He is sitting there with witch Pelosi agreeing with her on the HOAX of manmade global warming. What's next? Cap and Trade? Higher energy taxes and costs? Gubment subsidies of green energy programs that DO NOT WORK? All the while we're sitting at 9% unemployment and below us are vast oil and coal reserves and millions of new jobs just begging to be created. But no, Newt is more worried about a HOAX.

One of my Facebook friends said this morning that Newt was his candidate. He just did not trust Herman Cain. Good grief, what did Herman ever do to deserve such distrust? Herman is a non-politician and suffers from vast inexperience. His bumbling of the so called sex scandal issue is proof of this. However, Cain is very smart and I have no doubt he is up to the task. I have no doubt of Cain's true conservative principles.

So if you trust Newt, I have a bridge and some swamp land I'd like to sell you.


  1. hi ya... fair points about Newt... he's not my favorite, but he'd be better than the current usuper Sir Spends-a-lot golfer-in-chief.

    If Newt wins the primary, would you vote for him over Opurple or whomever the Dem-commies run?

    cheers from a Wilmette IL girl now living in NZ

  2. Lisa G. Nope. If it's Newt or Romney, I'll sit it out. I refuse to vote for another watered down RINO.

  3. Whatever Newt did or did not do with his wife--is private business--not the business of the American people! Newt is not a conservative--but rather a Marxist globalist!

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