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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Nice Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty good at the GROUCH mansion. I worked at the chamber of horrors 24 hours Thursday, but I spent most of Friday on the couch, relaxing, watching re-run football. Thank goodness for DVR's. How did we ever get along without technology? Saturday was enjoyable as we went to Hensley mansion in Perry County to enjoy Thanksgiving vittles with the Morbid Strangers. Later on the band played on in to the night as we prepared for our December gigs.
A great time was had by all, especially our drummer, Reece.

Today we were visited by my daughter, Amanda, her significant other, Jason, and my grandson, Nicholas. Once again we had a fine meal of fresh caught, Tennessee River largemouth bass, caught and cleaned by the GROUCH and tastefully prepared by sweet Wifey. To the delight of everyone, the Tennessee Titans actually won their football game against the Tampa Bay Bucs.
Well, they made it back to Nashville OK and I am once again at the chamber of horrors working a night shift. All and all it was a very good Thanksgiving weekend. Go HERE to see our family pictures.

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