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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What if Sandusky is NOT GUILTY?

So legendary football coach, pedophile, pervert, Jerry Sandusky has been arraigned on sex charges. Well Sandusky has proclaimed that he did nothing wrong. Good grief, did you see his interview with Bob Costas? I thought Costas was going to swallow his tongue.

So everyone is thoroughly outraged and wringing their hands in disgust, but wait, Sandusky has still got to be tried and convicted of his alleged crimes.

What if he is found NOT GUILTY? Well, now, it's not so far fetched. If O.J. and Casey Anthony can get off, anything's possible. I'm not making any predictions, but just brace yourselves for the worst. All you need is a bunch of slick talking shysters and 12 inept dweebs and away you go to freedom to abuse another child another day!


  1. Okay man you're out of your mind... OJ was only charged with KILLING 2 people. Cassey was only charged with KILLING her kid... This guy will get the chair for abusing kids regardless of if he did or didn't...

    Example for my reasoning: The new standard operating procedure for our nation is Killing is better than waterboarding or incarceration. So therefor if the kids are still alive, the guy did it and can be found guilty. IF the kids were dead, well then he might be found guilty..

  2. Somehow Bushwack, it's hard to argue with your logic. If he had abused animals I guess they would lynch him at dawn.