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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is Wrong with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh?

I never have been a big Ann Coulter fan. She's loud, shrill, and obnoxious. Not my cup of tea. However, I generally agree with her politically, at least until yesterday. (I just don't like loud, shrill women. I prefer beautiful, gentle, soft spoken women like my sweet Wifey.)

Coulter was all over Fox News yesterday saying how she thought ROMNEY (barf gag) would be the best candidate to go up against Obama. What? Good grief, I could not disagree more. In fact I think Obama would destroy Romney in the general election. Romney has flip flopped and waffled and wavered so many times that it is difficult to determine where he stands on anything. I know he might say some good sounding stuff in the debates, but he's usually contradicting something he said a few months ago. The Obama campaign will latch on to all of this stuff and tear him to shreds. One thing is for sure. Obama is NOT a flip-flopper. You know EXACTLY where he is coming from. He told us that in 2008 and the lamestream media and the establishment Republicans said he would govern from the center. Welcome Obamacare and trillions of dollars of new debt. Lord have mercy, can you imagine Romney standing there in front of Obama talking about repealing Obamacare? It's Romney's plan!

I am kinda thinking that Coulter believes that Romney is going to be the nominee and she is trying to pave a way for herself to support him. I can't believe she thinks he's really the best choice.

Even the liar, crook, two faced Newt Gingrich would be better than Romney. In fact I think Newt would probably mop the floor with Obama in a debate, but what would we really have with a president Newt Gingrich? How can we possibly know?

For many years I have heard my good friend, Rush Limbaugh tell us that winners do not compromise and that we need to stick to our conservative principles. Then in the next sentence he will turn around and tell us that we need to support the Republican nominee against Obama, whoever that turns out to be. I can tell that Rush really does not like Romney. He seems to prefer Gingrich (not a conservative) and Herman Cain. In fact he was hopelessly trying to defend poor Herman's brain freeze on Libya. True to form, Rush will not endorse any primary candidate. I figure he thinks it would make him look bad if that primary candidate did not win.

Sorry Ann, sorry Rush. If the nominee is Romney, I'll sit it out. I won't vote for a RINO. I won't vote for Gingrich. Rush, I am holding true to my conservative principles. Frankly, I don't think Romney would be any better than Obama. He has not given me any hope that he is interested in reducing the size of gubment. He has not given me any hope of meaningful tax reform. We know he believes that man made global warming is real and somewhere down the line will be willing to spend money to fix the hoax. We know he doesn't have problems with individual mandates upon private citizens by the gubment. Where are the differences between Romney and Obama? I have the same misgivings about Newt.

I'm still supporting Herman Cain. I knew from the beginning that Herman was not a politician. I knew his weakness was foreign policy. Herman looked tired and depressed during his brain freeze on Libya. I think the constant pummeling has taken its toll. However, I still believe he is a TRUE conservative and I believe he is smart enough to correct any deficiencies he has in the area of foreign policy. I don't know if he will survive. He's struggling right now. The left and the lame stream media have done a pretty good job of trying to bring him down.

Now the attacks will begin on Gingrich as he soars into the top tier. Of course anyone with half a brain should be able to see what is going on. The left along with the media is once again trying to pick our candidate, the LOSER Romney. Mark my words!

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  1. I agree with you on this. I was really surprised at Coulter. She is not doing herself any favors by supporting Romney, but she is not alone.

    (Glad you prefer soft-spoken women, I don't think I could ever be loud and shrill)

    Right Truth