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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congress and the President - Just Killing Time

Watching the congress bicker over the payroll tax extension has been nauseating to say the least. Both the Dimocrats and the Republicans want to extend the payroll tax cut. The argument is about how long the extension should be. The Dims want to extend it until the end of February which for all practical purposes will be impossible to implement while the GOP wants to extend it for a whole year.

Obama continues his lies to the public stating that the "tax cut" will create jobs. Of course it won't amount to a hill of beans as far as job creation is concerned. Just another lie. He's just killing time.

What nobody seems to talk about is the long term implication of the payroll tax cut. The payroll tax is the SOLE FUNDING SOURCE OF SOCIAL SECURITY. Social Security is already in trouble and paying out more than it takes in. The Looney Facebook Liberals are always wringing their hands and screeching about how the evil Republicans are trying to steal THEIR (notice the entitlement mentality) Social Security. At the same time they CHEER the efforts of Hussein Obama and the Senate Dimocrats to extend the payroll tax cut saying it is a good thing for all those hard working middle class Americans.

Sigh, it's just a political ploy. Both parties have latched onto this notion of a tax cut simply to make political hay. If they are really interested in tax cuts, what say the make the Bush tax cuts permanent? Oh the HORROR! Or what say they permanently abolish the capital gains tax or the death tax? Oh the HORROR! No, they're not really interested in tax cuts. They are just killing time and kicking the can down the road.

Killing time........killing time.........killing time........and the generally uninformed public will just lap it all up like a pig eating slop when it's all just a big lie.

My friend Clint Black says it best.


  1. Imagine the accounting nightmare of two months at this rate ...maybe a four or six month extension after that. WHATEVER. A two month extension is like throwing cookies back at the alligator that's chasing you ...hoping it will slow him down. It doesn't solve anything. Ugh!

  2. Read that the GOP caved and agreed to the 2 month deal. Great!