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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Divine Intervention in Denver

A miracle from the Almighty occurred in Denver today. Tim Tebow's prayers were evidently heard and answered. Please allow me to reconstruct the miracle for you:

It is the 4th quarter with less than 2 minutes to go. The score is Chicago 10, Denver 7. Denver is out of timeouts.

Chicago had the ball. All they had to do was run out the clock and win the game.

For inexplicable reasons, Chicago running back, Marion Barber, runs out of bounds, stopping the clock. This gave Denver time to try and make a comeback.

Denver drives down the field and on 4th down with just a few seconds left, Denver is ready to try a 58 yard field goal, sending the game into overtime.

Beautiful, sweet Wifey, who cares little for football says, "I hate overtime, but I hope he makes it. I want to see Tim Tebow win."

The kick is GOOD! The game is tied and goes to overtime.

The Broncos win in overtime with another long 51 yard field goal.

And so we have a miracle in Denver. The much maligned Christian QB, Tim Tebow said, "It shows, if you believe, unbelievable things can happen. That was a great comeback for this team, led by the defense and the coaches. And a team that constantly believes."

Interesting play on words, doncha think? It was one of the ugliest games I ever remember watching but I have a feeling it will be one long remembered. 

I doubt God cares much about football, but I think He appreciates it when one of His creations gives Him credit.

1 comment:

  1. People who are fans of other teams are rooting for Tim Tebow, I've read several articles this evening.

    The question is: What if every Christian acted like Tim Tebow, if every Christian was proudly expressed their faith, proudly thanked God in public. It would be a great thing to see.

    I agree, I'm doubting that in the overall plan God cares a lot about who wins a football game, but I'm also betting that God is mighty proud of Tim Tebow's example and bravery in light of all the negativity from some.

    I am also wondering what the reporters will say when he loses a game, and he probably will. I didn't hear any spiteful comments from them today, only praise.

    Right Truth