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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Grouch Assesses Republican Presidential Candidates - December Edition

Well, according to the polls, the candidates who I like the least, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul, are in the lead, while the candidates I like the most, Bachmann, Perry, and Santorum, are bringing up the rear. My choice, Herman Cain, is gone, destroyed by lies and innuendos.......hmmmm I'm still waiting to hear some FACTS that he did anything wrong. I'll probably be waiting a long time.........ah yes the destruction of a black conservative......alas I digress. Go HERE to read my November assessment if you've not been paying attention.

I'm not sure what to make of any of these polls. Gingrich now seems to be slipping a bit. I would bet it's because people are finally starting to pay attention and see him for the RINO he really is. Romney is also slipping. I almost had to laugh out loud when Romney tried to accuse Gingrich of being a moderate.

I hear a little story every now and then that seems to suggest Bachmann and Perry are starting to move up a bit. My hope is that either one of them will take off and take center seat. I'd be OK with Santorum too but it just seems that guy can't get traction no matter what.

So who knows where this will end? By my next assessment, the Iowa caucuses will be history. Who will be left and who will be gone? I stand by my guns. If the Republican candidate is not Bachmann, Perry, or Santorum, I will sit out the general election. It's time for conservatives to stand up and take charge.

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