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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hanging with Herman

Herman Cain is hanging in there, in spite of the lies and distortions that have been launched against him from the left and the establishment Republicans. I don't know if he'll last, but I sure won't vote for Romney or Gingrich and these are the ones the media talking heads are trying to convince us are in the game.

Even sweet Wifey is wavering. She told me the "woman" in her was saying Herman might be a dirty rat. Well, that's understandable when you hear it day after day. But you have to understand WHERE all this stuff is coming from. I am hanging with Herman until he is elected, defeated, or says he's done.


  1. I'm with you on this, Grouch. As a woman, I understand Wifey's trepidations, but there are too many holes in these allegations. I think it's a blatant attempt on the part of the libs at character assassination of the one man they really DON'T want to be up against in the 2012 elections. I also think it's ironic and a little bit amusing that the character of the women who are bringing these allegations have been far from stellar. This last allegation from a woman is being sued for libel? Give me a break!

  2. HossBoss I'm so sick and tired of the media and the establishment picking our candidates for us.

  3. There is no way I can connect the two Cains. The Cain that we see, the moral, married, Christian businessman, and the snake that these women try to make him out to be. There is no way he can be both, and I'm leaning toward Cain being innocent of these charges. I sure hope I'm right.

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