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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Murry Chrissmuss from the GROUCH

Christmas has finally come. Sweet Wifey (oh so sweet) did very well this year. Santa treated her to a new Seiko diamond watch which she needed badly.
But it gets better. She also has a brand new MacBook Pro. Her old Dell has served her well, but after all, it is a Windows (ugh) machine.
The GROUCH did not do badly either. I got some new stuff for my motorcycle including a fine set of chaps, several different shirts, but the big surprise was my new STEEL GUITAR.
This should be interesting since I know nothing about steel guitars. I will plan on being an expert by this time next year.

Even sweet Penny had a good Christmas.
We are all very grateful and thankful for the nice things we have at Christmas time, but mostly we are thankful for Jesus and thankful for each other. Happy New Year one and all!

If you'd like to look at all our Christmas pictures, go HERE, or for hires versions, HERE.


  1. It was indeed a Christmas filled with surprises and I love all my presents (especially the laptop and my watch). But the most important thing is that we are together, happy, healthy and so very blessed.

    Right Truth

  2. Merry Christmas Grouch, Debbie, and Penny.

  3. Merry Christmas, Grouch ...looks like everybody had a great Christmas, even Penny!

  4. Penny has a great time any time.