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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newt Surges and the Left, the Establishment, and the Media are Nervous.

2 Different kinds of RINOs 

Well, Newt Gingrich is surging big time in the polls. Have you noticed how nervous the left, the media and the Republican establishment have become? Anyone with half a brain can tell that the left and the lame stream media are hoping Romney will be the Republican candidate. Why? Of course it is because the left and the media are mighty sure that Obama can beat Romney. I tend to agree. As soon as the Obama campaign mentions Romneycare and Mitt's many flips and flops, he will be toast. In 2008 the left correctly decided that John McCain would easily lose to Obama. The traitorous Colin Powell told us that McCain would be our best candidate and then turned around and voted for Obama. Yes indeed, the Dems are trying to point us down the same path to failure. And many on "our side" are stupid enough to let it happen.

Of course the establishment Republicans think Mitt is the man because they incorrectly think that his flippy floppy middle of the road approach to politics will appeal to the mass of independent voters. If Romney does capture independents in the general it won't be because of his positions but because they will be voting against Hussein Obama. Too bad for Mitt that he will still lose because he won't have a big chunk of the conservative base voting on him. No, many of us like me will stay home or vote for a 3rd party. So either way you want to cut it, Romney is a loser.

The pundits on Fox News are almost nauseating as they watch Newt gain ground and watch Mitt slide. They tell us that Newt can't win. They tell us that Newt is a loose cannon. The incorrectly tell us that Newt is a conservative that won't appeal to independent voters. They are so nervous that Newt is going to be the guy that they are about to mess in their britches.

The fact of the matter is that I believe Newt can win handily over Obama. He has managed to convince many conservatives (I am not one of them) that he is a conservative. Also he seems more than willing to take Obama to task in the general election. Donald Trump has proven this tactic is successful. If you remember back when we thought he might be a candidate he continuously pummeled Obama on everything from his failed policies to his fake birth certificate. Trump was very popular. The lame stream media and the Republican establishment were going absolutely nuts. On the other hand, if Newt decides to tone down his rhetoric against Obama for fear of being called "unpresidential" or a "racist" then he will follow John McCain into the dustbin of political history.

There is not much time left until the primaries begin. My hope is that Newt will be able to damage Romney beyond repair. At the same time perhaps the lame stream media can destroy Newt and allow one of the few remaining conservatives (Bachmann, Perry, Santorum) to have a fighting chance. In any case I am neutral in the fight between Mitt and Newt. I won't vote for either one of them. I am still a conservative first.

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