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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No More Texting/Cellphoning While Driving? GOOD!

Y'all know I'm very libertarian when it comes to gubment laws, rules, and regulations but the numbers don't lie and it's pretty obvious to me that distracted driving causes traffic accidents. The distraction? Texting and talking on the cellphone of course. And I am all for laws which would require the damned things be turned off and the device put in the trunk. Oh the HORROR! How will we ever survive?

Well might I remind you that we got along just fine before the age of cellphones and mobile devices and I am sure we would do just fine once again. If you must make a call or send a text, then PULL OFF THE DAMNED ROAD! GEEZ!

Well the federal gubment agency the NTSB wants to ban your use of electronic devices while driving. Here is where the gubment and I part company. This should be an issue where the STATES pass these laws, not the FEDERAL GUBMENT. The feds have no business whatsoever sticking their noses in this one. Like I said I am very libertarian about most issues of gubment regulation, but this behavior is a direct threat to other drivers in much the same manner as driving drunk. It should be banned.

It is funny but while I was composing this post, there was a woman on Facebook texting and telling the world that she just called 911 to report an old lady driving 80 mph on the highway. Of course it never dawned on her that her texting while driving was equally as dangerous. Perhaps she should have reported herself to the 911 operator......SIGH. Yeah, it was REAL IMPORTANT that everyone on Facebook be alerted to the 80 mph granny.


  1. Only problem with this being law is it is impossible to enforce. For every person who gets spotted using their cell phone by law enforcement there will be 50 others passing by the pulled over offender blabbing away on their own cell phones. The effect of such a law would be like dropping a pebble into the ocean and expecting it to grow to a tsunami. Just won't stop it.

    Instead of a law of civil control why not a corporate regulation. Give all the cell phone providers and manufacturers ... oh, say 5 years to implement a technology that will disable communication devices (except GPS and OnStar) when on any forum of transportation. Impose huge fines for each month beyond the deadline that they have been unable to comply. It may take an enormous amount of collaboration but it would be doable.

    I'm credit myself with a requisite number of functional brain cells to realize it would take the cooperation of the automotive industries as well, but right now the communications industries have the deeper pockets and have a larger share of the responsibility.

  2. Checker,

    Actually I think there might be a solution which would not require much retooling. The cell tower can detect when a phone is moving. If the phone pings the tower and the tower detects the phone is moving more than say 20 mph it would be inactivated for a period of time. When the phone becomes stationary it would become active again. This should be attainable with some simple reprogramming of the computer system of the cell system that is responsible for triangulation and cell tower handoffs.