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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Payroll Tax Cut Charade - by Crystal Wright

I don’t care what the Wall Street Journal said or other so called political geniuses from the GOP establishment, House Republicans blew it this week when they caved into Senate Democrats two month payroll tax holiday scam. Speaker Boehner should have called Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bluff and forced the Senate to come back to Washington and work with the House to pass the payroll tax cut for a year. (SNIP)

Collectively, House Republicans should have hit the airwaves reminding Americans, Obama’s so called tax holiday robbed the Social Security Trust Fund of about $120 billion last year and stimulated nothing. (SNIP)

This so called tax cut for the middle-class is nothing more than Democrats and Obama playing Robin Hood--- robbing from the Social Security Trust Fund. Republicans need to remind Americans Obama and the Democrats payroll tax cut is one big fiasco along with Obama’s failed policies. 

 If this payroll tax holiday is continued for another eight years, the Social Security Trust Fund could be completely wiped out of funds. It’s interesting to note Democrats consistently oppose any ideas of privatizing Social Security, including Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan but are all too willing to threaten it’s solvency by robbing it of funds.

Go HERE to read all about this great gubment SCAM!

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