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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Problem With The Occupy Wall Street Generation - John Hawkins

If you're tired of watching the lazy, entitled, maggot infested OCCUPY bunch on TV, go read this article by John Hawkins. He begins:

Playing baseball games without keeping score. Parents not allowed to cheer for one side or the other at basketball games. Refusing to use red ink to grade tests because it's too jarring. No dodgeball. Participation trophies. Telling kids, "You're special," without their doing anything to show they're special.

Newsflash: You may be special to God, your mommy, and your teacher just because you were born, but the rest of us aren't impressed.

The world doesn't owe you a living, a promotion, or any special consideration at all. The people who tell you otherwise are doing it because they think you're stupid, easy to manipulate, and they want to use you for their own purposes.

Oh, but what about the lucky ones, you say? The lazy, good-for-nothing punk kids who just happened to be born in the right family and live a life of luxury as a result?

What about them? There's always a little bit of randomness in life. The woman who does everything right and gets hit by a bus before she ever gets her payoff or the guy who does everything wrong and seems to get every break. So what? Is the idea supposed to be that you should have everything you want in life handed to you on a silver platter even though you're lazy and good-for-nothing because the Kennedy family exists?

Wait, wait, I forgot; you're not lazy and good-for-nothing. Your teacher told you that you are special and so did your mommy.
 There's more, and it's good:

We're creating a nation full of man-children because every stupidity and immorality you can think of is now being tolerated. Build your house on a flood plain so dangerous you can't even insure it? No problem; somebody will pay for it. Have 15 kids with 3 different men? No problem; somebody will pay for it. Ride your bike down a trail you weren't supposed to when it was icy and fall? No problem; somebody will pay for it. Make a really dumb deal on a house and get underwater on your mortgage? No problem; somebody will help pay for it. We've got a lot of people dedicated to proving that they're "tolerant" and "not mean" who really should be asking whether or not they are being stupid.

Of course, this mentality has shaped outlooks on life, too. If you're a woman and failing, the patriarchy must be keeping you down. If you're black and behind, the white man must be holding you back. If you're an illegal alien, the problem isn't that you broke the law; it must be that racists don't like you. If you have minimal skills and a gaggle of illegitimate kids, the state must not be doing enough to help you. Can't pay your mortgage? The bank must have ripped you off. If you're poor, some rich guy must be taking money that was somehow meant for you. The only good thing about the way losers blame everybody but themselves for their own failures is that it warns the rest of us that they're losers.

Yes indeed, my philosophy is that your position in life is not due to luck, but rather the CHOICES you make in you life, good or bad. If you end up in the toilet, don't go around squalling and blaming someone else. Blame yourself for your stupid life choices. Go HERE to read the whole article.

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  1. John Hawkins has always been on target, I've followed his writing for years. He hit the nail on the head here.

    Right Truth