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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thrill is Gone

Well back in the summer I was mighty excited by the field of candidates lining up for the Republican primary. Real conservatives like Cain, Perry, and Bachmann were making themselves known.

Now that the hatchet job has been completed on Herman Cain and the other conservatives have faded into the background it appears that once again we may be left with another watered down, squishy RINO as our candidate. As it was in 2008 when conservative, Fred Thompson dropped out, the thrill is gone. Now it's just more of the same old story and in the general election we'll once again be faced with the situation of voting for the lesser of two evils. Problem is that when you vote for the lesser of two evils, your choice is still EVIL.

Looks more and more likely that I will sit out the 2012 general election. I have a feeling that a lot of others will follow suit. I'm not going to vote for Romney or Gingrich. Congratulations Hussein Obama on your second term and God help the United States.

My hope is that from now to primary time, the left or Mitt Romney will manage to get Gingrich's head into the guillotine and chop it off nice and clean. Maybe, just maybe, Perry, Bachmann, or even Santorum will manage to float back to the top and give us a much needed conservative in the general election. I am not hopeful.

Watch and listen to my good friend, B.B. King express my feelings.


  1. I'm hoping the same thing ... Bachmann, Santorum, or Perry will inherit the Cain folks. It would be best if Cain endorsed one of them and all his voters go to the same candidate. If Cain endorses Gingrich or Romney, we will all go into depression. Cain cannot be who he claims, a true Conservative, if he endorses either Mitt or Newt.

    Right Truth

  2. Do you think he will endorse someone? I think if he was going to, he would have. I don't think this latest allegation is any more legitimate than the previous ones ...but with Cain out of the race, my hope for change is pretty much fizzled.

  3. Please do not sit the election out or encourage others to do so. We can not let Barack Obama be reelected under any circumstances. Don't forget Supreme Court appointments. If BHO gets to replace one of the conservative Justices, we are done for.

  4. HossBoss, I think Herman is going to endorse Newt, just my feeling.

    Ron Ursery, you need to convince yourself and your friends to get out of this "anybody but Obama" mentality, dump Romney and Newt, and get behind a REAL conservative. I'm tired of settling for a watered down version of conservatism. Been there, done that in 2008. Not gonna do it again. LOTS OF PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME. It is time for the establishment to wake up.