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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whatever Happened to Free Speech?

Two New York high school students were recently suspended for organizing several "kneel-downs" in honor of controversial Denver Broncos QB, Tim Tebow.

The kids stated that their actions were not of a religious nature but rather just a way of honoring the accomplishments of the famous quarterback.

Tim Tebow said of the incident, "You have to respect the position of authority and people that God's put as authority over you, so that's part of it, and just finding the right place and the right time to do things is part of it, too." Hmmmmm, what a classy answer. Too bad the people with authority are godless heathens a lot of the time.

I have to say that regardless of the motivation of the students, what about their right of free speech and expression, especially when students in some places run around wearing their britches down below their butts and spend time spraying graffiti on the schoolhouse walls?

And once again, what would have happened if they had started praying to Allah? Wanna bet nothing would have been said? Hmmmmmm?


  1. I saw something on this on Fox. The school made up some kind of excuse like the 'students were blocking the hallway' when Tebowing.

  2. If they had been Muslims the other students would just have had to walk around I guess. What a bunch of BS.