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Monday, October 31, 2011


Trash a Conservative, Choose a RINO

Well, they can't seem to derail Herman Cain on the issues so they have reverted to smear tactics. Politico reports that a couple of women have accused Herman Cain of "inappropriate behavior". Naturally the reporter coming up with this crap has stated he was not going to "get into the details" of "an incident that may or may not have happened where Cain may or may not have invited a woman up to his hotel room".

What kind of biased crap is this?

Well that is just what it is, CRAP. Ann Coulter agrees with me when she says that the left is "terrified of strong, conservative, black men". I remember the pummeling that Clarence Thomas took before his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill? Another bunch of crap. If the media cannot de-fang a conservative on the issues they will try to ruin them personally. Clarence Thomas survived. Hopefully Herman will too.

The liberal media along with the establishment Republicans and the Fox News pundits want to choose the RINO, Mitt Romney, for us so badly they can just taste it, in much the same way they chose the losing RINO, John McCain in 2008. I even wondered if Rick Perry and Mitt Romney might have had a hand in the big Herman smear, but I kind of doubt it. They both sort of act like Cain doesn't even exist and seem content to launch darts at each other.

The liberal media would like the rest of us to think this as well, but deep in the bowels of hell I think they realize that Herman Cain is a REAL threat and they are absolutely scared to death.

Politics is sickening, isn't it?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Those MORBID STRANGERS haunted and rocked Mike's Place in Hohenwald, TN. Last night. What a great party. There were plenty of good looking people like the bass player/singer above. Also there was the lead guitarist below.
My sweet Wifey actually won a prize for the "sexiest costume. I have to agree with the judges.
And there's just no doubt that we had a devil of a good time.

We'll be back at Mike's on December 23, the Fridee before Christmas. You can check out all our photos from the Halloween party HERE. As usual you can view all the 2011 band pictures HERE. The most recent pictures are at the end of the set.

No matter what the setting, some things are just wrong.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Safer Guns! Safer Bullets

I dunno how many of you watched the Rush Limbaugh TV show, but this had to be one of the best all time clips from the entire program. This one features Bill Clinton's surgeon general, Joycelyn Elders. Watch and laugh.

Put Me in Charge

Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings, then get a job.
read the rest HERE

Hat tip to Facebook friend, Jack Elliott.

Paul Ryan at the Heritage Foundation

Okay so he screwed the pooch when he voted to increase the debt ceiling. Oh well, I wish all conservatives would learn to act like conservatives all the time. Anyway, Paul Ryan spoke at the Heritage Foundation yesterday. He says a lot of good things. If you have a few minutes, relax, pour yourself a drink, light up a cigarette, and give it a listen to. It's a little long, but it's good.

Your Social Security and Your Medicare will be Taken Away!

Anytime I confront a liberal regarding Social Security or Medicare I am automatically converted to a heartless, greedy, evil, conservative. Anytime anyone suggests entitlement reform they are automatically accused of gutting those programs.

Paul Ryan was demonized by many for his attempts at reform. What the ranting lunatics failed to hear was that Ryan's SS proposals would not have affected anyone over 55 and his Medicare voucher ideas would have been voluntary. Doesn't sound like he was trying to gut anything or rob seniors of their benefits.

There is no doubt about it that those on the left and sadly many on the so called right would rather just sit back and no make any meaningful changes to these ultimately doomed programs. And the even sadder news is that if nothing is done, one day the programs will collapse under their own weight leaving millions of dependent seniors out in the cold with no safety net. The great lie of the Ponzi scheme will become apparent. The great lie that the gubment can take care of you from cradle to grave will be exposed.

It won't be pretty. For many, Social Security is the ONLY retirement they have and since they have no other retirement or visible means of support, Medicare is all that remains to keep them alive. I don't blame people for being scared to death when they hear claims that the entitlement programs are about to be destroyed.

We are in a hellacious mess. I am not sure there is a solution. Who is at fault? Well I blame the start of it on Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He after all started the whole snowballing mess back in 1935 in the midst of the great depression. Rick Perry was correct in stating that Social Security is unconstitutional. Nowhere in the document is the federal gubment empowered to provide such benefits for the general population. Nevertheless it was done. I don't necessarily think FDR had bad intentions but rather is the victim of unintended consequences. I don't think he ever envisioned people living as long as they do now and I don't think he ever imagined all these old timers hanging around and collecting benefits. Nevertheless, this is the mess we find ourselves in as the population grows older and their benefits depend on the remaining few that are still working.

I also blame the gubment way back to the 1930's for not encouraging saving and private investment. Many years ago I realized that I would not and could not rely on the gubment to take care of me. I was determined to get out of debt and stay out of debt and save and invest privately for the future. I am almost 60 years old. If I do manage to collect any SS benefits I will view it as a bonus. If I do not, then it won't really matter. In my financial planning I never figured Social Security in the mix.

Too bad that many millions did not make the same retirement planning choices as did I. Many are completely dependent on the unconstitutional Ponzi scheme. They have over the years been suckered in by the gubment and have no options now. Other public sector employees are nervously hiding behind their unions, expecting unrealistic benefits for sitting around doing nothing, as they watch those promised funds begin to vanish away. Oh the screeching! Oh the screaming!

Another unconstitutional gubment endeavor, Medicare, was installed in 1964. It has grown to enormous proportions as all those people FDR didn't expect to hang around so long grow sicker and sicker. Medical science comes up with more exotic and expensive ways to keep these folks alive and the beast expands and consumes more of the wealth of America. At the same time, private hospitals and practitioners have become enslaved by the system, forced to live under the weight of regulation and threat from the federal thugs. Goodbye freedom and liberty. So long free enterprise.

When Medicare finally collapses not only will the dependent seniors be out in the cold but the whole health care economy will collapse as the central payor of services ceases to be. This is already happening as Medicare cuts more and more payments and places those hoops we must jump through higher and higher.

So things are sooner or later going to change. Either the entitlement programs will one day catestrophically implode or by some miracle meaningful entitlement reform will occur keeping the programs solvent......different, yes, but solvent.

The next time you hear some stupid liberal screeching about someone stealing his SS and Medicare benefits, just remember that the ones with their heads in the sand will be the ones ultimately responsible for the demise.

Oh and before you talk about raising taxes on the rich, forget it. You could tax the rich at 100 percent of their income and it would still not be enough.......just wanted to get that one out of the way.

I figure that the former scenario I have described will occur and the entitlement programs will collapse along with the economy and probably the whole country as we know it. I am hoping that I will be dead and gone before it does.

Poke Salad Annie Irritates Facebook Liberals

Some of you older folks, like me, may remember the song Polk Salad Annie by Tony Joe White. The song was also done by Elvis and others. If you'll refer to my previous post about Looney Facebook Liberals as a preface, let me tell you about the fun I had last night.

I was making comments to a thread by my liberal Facebook friend, Don (not his real name). Somewhere along the way I started interjecting lyrics from Polk Salad Annie, just to irritate the liberals. They are all angry and completely humorless you know.

One of the lines goes, "All of her brothers were fit for stealing watermelons outta my truck patch."

Well I grew a little pair of horns and typed, "Barack Obama was seen stealing watermelons outta my truck patch!"

Oh the HORROR! I was immediately told that I was a "bigoted asshole".

A little while later I visited Don again on an entirely different thread. This time I injected some Polk Salad Annie lyrics and told them, "Herman Cain was seen stealing watermelons outta my truck patch!"

SILENCE! Zip! Zero! Nada! Nobody came to the defense of this black conservative. Funny how liberals are so predictable.

I have decided the best way to confuse a liberal is to tell him that I voted against Obama simply because he was black and then tell him that Herman Cain is my man for 2012. Their angry, humorless heads will be spinning.

Any day you can piss of a liberal is a very good day. Now relax with a little Polk Salad Annie......CHOMP! CHOMP!

Time to Dismantle the IRS

So Rick Perry has proposed a flat tax. You can fill out your taxes on an index card and send the money in. SWEET! Herman Cain also has a flat tax, 9 percent. FICA and Medicare are eliminated. Fill out a postcard and send the money in. SWEET!

They are getting blasted by the left and the media. It's just not fair. It will hurt the poor. It will hurt the middle class. It will give tax breaks to those evil RICH Americans that don't deserve it. Rick Perry said he did not care if the "rich" got a tax break. He was glad to see money going to those who would create jobs and investment for the rest of the country. Good for you, Rick. Tell it like it is.

Then I heard some of the same, tired, old Fox News pundits saying that Perry and Cain aren't electable. They said even if they were that their plans would not pass in congress. Perhaps they are right. So what if they are? Does that mean we just need to throw up our hands in disgust and elect a RINO without a plan? No, it means that in addition to electing a conservative president, we ought to concentrate on electing more and more conservatives to congress until the "establishment" becomes an inconsequential minority.

The bottom line is that the Warshington establishment does not really want tax reform as they do not really want to cut spending. The current tax code is insanely complicated by design, so complex in fact that individuals and business have to spend billions of dollars every year simply to comply. And over the years the gubment has used the IRS as a weapon to coerce and intimidate the citizens of this country. Make an honest mistake on your complicated tax form and it's penalties and interest for you. It really frosts me at the thoughts of paying the gubment penalties and interest on money that is mine to begin with.

Yes, my friends, with the gubment holding this immense power over us in the form of the IRS, you can bet the politicians are not willing to cede this power back to where it rightfully belongs, the people. They will employ their willing lackeys in the drive by media and the pundits on Fox News to minimize and demonize any idea that would result in the scrapping of the tax code and the dismantling of the IRS. Therefore Cain and Perry will never be "serious" candidates in their eyes.

The best idea of all is the FAIR TAX. No income tax whatsoever, but that's a story for another day.

Questions About Perry's Flat Tax

Well I am reading and trying to digest Rick Perry's flat tax proposal. Now let me see, I can choose a flat rate of 20 percent or I can stick with what I have going on right now. I'm trying to compare this to my friend Herman's plan.

Now as I see it, I already pay 15 percent of my income in FICA and Medicare taxes. Herman says with his plan, all this would go away and I would be locked in at 9 percent FLAT. Now I am trying to understand about Rick's 20 percent deal. Does this do away with and replace FICA and Medicare tax? Or is this 20 percent strictly my flat rate on withholding taxes after FICA and Medicare? I don't hear the words "eliminate FICA and Medicare" as I do with Herman's plan. Seems like Herman's plan is the better deal to me but I'm still trying to be open minded here.

Why is Perry's plan OPTIONAL? If it's good enough for some, it ought to be good enough fo all. Oh yeah, I forgot. It gives Rick a political out. Anytime someone criticizes it he can say, "Don't worry, it's optional." Kinda like the HPV vaccine......sigh....

Now old Herman is waffling a bit under fire from his opponents and the media. I heard notions about a 9-0-9 plan. Don't do it Herman. Everyone should pay tax. Everyone should have skin in the game. I am hoping that most of Herman's shakiness is due to political inexperience. I hope he will be strong and firm up his message.

I gotta wonder why Perry waited so late to present this flat tax? Makes me think this is more of a political ploy than a heartfelt idea. Herman's numbers look good with a tax plan so Rick though he needed one too. I can't help but think if Perry had come out with this and guns blazing on the front end that he would be standing a lot better right now.

On the other hand, you can tell that Cain's plan has come from his heart. He had been working on this long before he was a candidate. It is a good idea. All you have to see is how the left, the media, and the establishment Republicans are railing against it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Watcher’s Council Nominations – Fear And Loathing Edition

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday.
This week’s contest is dedicated to TOTUS..may he soon return safely, because there’s no POTUS without TOTUS.And to our pal Gerard Van Der Leun…get well soon Bro.
Council News:
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So, let’s see what we have this week….

Council Submissions

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Non-Council Submissions

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Sick of PINK!

I got this off of the Titans Facebook page. This is about the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. It is about as ridiculous as the players running around with pink shoes and gloves. Wearing a pink ribbon, or posting a pink picture on my Facebook page, or painting my bald head pink is not gonna make me one damned bit more aware of breast cancer than I was yesterday or last week or last year.

Geez I do hate symbolism over substance. Instead of putting up a buncha pink junk just write a check to the American Cancer Society.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun With Looney Facebook Liberals

For reasons unknown there is a liberal on Facebook that has friended me. I'll call him Don (not his real name). I told him on the front end that I was a no nonsense Reagan conservative, but he insisted on being my friend because he thought I had a good sense of humor. I am still not sure how he found me in the first place.

As you might expect, Don posts nonsensical left wing stuff. For the most part I just scroll on by but every now and then I'll interject a C bomb right into the middle of one of this threads. A couple of days ago Don came up with some nonsense about the politicians and political candidates "robbing people of their Social Security and Medicare". I just couldn't resist. I left a comment asking for the specific names of politicians or candidates that were trying to rob people of their benefits.

Funny how you can't seem to get a straight answer out of a liberal. After a bit of prodding someone finally said REPUBLICANS were trying to do away with SS and Medicare. I pressed the issue. "Give me the name of a SPECIFIC Republican that is guilty of this and tell me about his plan."

There was much beating around the bush but nobody would name a single Republican. Then somehow they started picking on Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. To their horror I told him Herman was a great guy and his 9-9-9 plan was revolutionary. I did not let them off the hook. I went back to asking about a single Republican that was planning to do away with SS and Medicare.

The next attempt was "all the Teaparty Republicans". I told them that this was not good enough. I wanted a specific name and a plan.

By this time some of the participants began hurling curse words at me and started making disparaging remarks about my heritage. I was surprised that nobody called me a Nazi. One did suggest I was a racist in spite of the fact that I am a Herman Cain supporter.

Finally one brave soul suggested that Paul Ryan wanted to do away with SS and Medicare and that the idea of Medicare vouchers was lunacy. When I pointed out that Ryan's SS plan would not affect anyone 55 and over and when I also pointed out that the voucher program would be OPTIONAL and that those seniors who chose to remain with traditional Medicare could do so, I was again treated to a few curse words and then silence. I betcha none of them had ever heard or ever bothered to listen to the entire Paul Ryan proposal.

From that point things pretty much deteriorated. One woman got so mad that she declared she was having a migraine and going to bed. Another suggested that people like me were dangerous to America and that the rest had better pay attention to what I was saying otherwise all was lost. I'd let them rant and the interject an occasional C bomb into the middle of it.

What is funny and perhaps sad is that these people are completely deceived and brainwashed, they are deathly serious, angry, have no sense of humor whatsoever, and have no facts on which to base their arguments. They also are too stupid to realize when someone is F*CKing with them intentionally. They just get madder and madder.

They seemed shocked and appalled that anyone such as I would argue with them. I guess perhaps they are used to the establishment Republican types that are willing to compromise, be politically correct, and never hurt anyone's feelings. They also seemed bothered by the fact that I identified myself as a conservative and not a Republican. They were also very distressed that I referred to Obama as, "empty suit", "the least qualified man in the room", "Barackalypse Now", "Obamanation", and "Debt Man Walking". Oh life is such fun!

Don, my liberal friend, tries to portray himself as the voice of reason in the midst of all this. He told me that if he were a Republican that he would vote for Mitt Romney because Romney frightened him a lot less than the rest of them. I told Don that this was because Romney was a liberal just like him. I can't understand for the life of me what it is they are afraid of. How could anyone be afraid of Herman Cain, a man that came from humble beginnings, soft spoken, hard working, well educated, and good grief he has a sense of humor and can sing! What are they afraid of?

Today I almost gave a woman a stroke when I told Don that if Obama really loved America, he could resign and go back to Kenya! This humorless woman declared, "I am deleting this SH_T!". I told her to, "Be my guest and go ahead and delete your Facebook account while you're at it!"

Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaaa! I am just wondering how long it's gonna be before Don develops buyer's remorse.

Some Neal Boortz Interviews

Neal Boortz is a radio talk show host from Atlanta. If you've never heard his radio show it can be rather colorful. Boortz is probably one of the bluntest, rudest characters you'll ever come across. Yes, I like his style indeed.

Tonight (late at the hospital) I was going through my Boortz Blast (email newsletter) and I came across interviews by Boortz with Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry. I found them all informative and in fact enjoyable. As Boortz points out himself, Rick Perry sounded much better during the interview than he did during the debate in Las Vegas. Maybe that is where the real Rick Perry has been hiding. Anyway if you have a little time to listen click on the links below and listen to what the candidates have to say to Neal.

Herman Cain

Newt Gingrich

Rick Perry

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More on the Fisker Karma Electric Car

Oh by the way. Not only does it get worse mileage than an SUV. Our glorious federal gubment loaned the company over half a billion dollars to build the cars in FINLAND! Cars that nobody wants. Cars that require more fossil fuel to run than SUV's, financed with money that we don't have and built in FINLAND! How do these idiots in Warshington continue to get away with this stuff? HOW?

Go read all about it HERE.

SUV's GREENER that Electric Cars?

I found this interesting. An electric car called the Fisker Karma, developed mainly with your tax money has been found to get a paltry 19MPG when you compute the amount of fossil fuel expended to power the car. Evidently SUV's get better mileage. Go read the rest HERE.

A Tramp Stamp for Christmas

What a great idea for your little girl, or perhaps your little boy, a tattooed Barbie Doll. Yes my friends that is exactly what those young skulls full of mush need as an example of how to behave later on in life.

Along with tattooed Barbie comes a complete kit so that Barbie can apply for food stamps and medicaid as well as a voter registration card so she can go pull the switch for her favorite Democrat.

I understand they will also be coming out with a Ken doll complete with tattoos, earrings, a bone in his nose and a stud in his penis (it will be the first ever Ken doll with a penis). Munchkin sized condoms will also be sold separately.

Yes, Christmas is going to be really special this year!

Someone Besides Herman has an Idea???

Well I hear rumblings that Rick Perry is going to propose a flat tax. I have been snooping around and I can't seem to find any details. Could be he hasn't figured it out yet. In any case it is nice to hear that someone besides my man, Herman Cain, is going to present a plan. Perhaps Perry sees Herman ahead in the polls and figures that a man with a plan is better than a man without a plan, who knows?

If Perry's plan is any good and makes any sense then you can bet he will immediately be demonized by the left, the establishment Republicans, and the other candidates that talk a lot but do not have a plan.

So Rick, tell your wife to get ready. It will be ugly.

Actually I hope he does come up with a good idea. Herman Cain may fall by the wayside. Certainly the establishment Republicans are hoping so. I'm trying to warm up to Perry in case I need a fall back position. I don't see Rick Santorum going anywhere. Perry may have some problems but he's a helluva lot better than Romney. So let's see what Rick has to say. Bring it on, Rick!

He Be Dead!

Muammar Gaddafi (aw hell, there's a buncha different ways to spell it) is DEAD! Good! He needed to be dead a long time ago!

He evidently was killed by rebels in Libya, oh, wait! Our own home grown dictator wanna-be, Hussein Obama, is gonna take credit for it!

Doncha just love the graphic image? Hopefully someone out there is sickened and appalled!

Herman Cain Leads the Pack in Iowa

My friend, Herman Cain, is ahead in Iowa right now at 28%. RINO Mitt Romney is at 21%. Does this mean anything right now? No. Can Herman hold onto his lead? Who knows? I hope so. It wouldn't matter if he were ahead in all 50 states. The Fox News pundits would still refuse to recognize him as a serious candidate. Go Herman!

The Grouch Assesses Republican Presidential Candidates - October Edition

Well I watched the debates on CNN a couple of days ago and the debates on Bloomberg last week. I didn't learn much and my opinions did not change. For my September assessment, click HERE.

Herman Cain took quite a pounding, mainly over his 9-9-9 plan. This is no surprise since the other candidates don't really have a plan. I have been told by others that I really need to research Cain's plan, that I am going to end up paying more taxes. Well, I have done a good bit of research. The truth of the matter is that I will probably end up paying about the same. Maybe a little more or a little less. It's pretty hard to quantify. The big benefit as I see it is the scrapping of the tax code. It is no wonder that so many of Cain's opponents are up in arms over this. They have used the IRS now for decades to browbeat and intimidate the taxpayers. They certainly do not want to give up all that power.

All of a sudden I hear that Rick Perry is coming out with a flat tax proposal.....hmmm.

So here are my classifications:

Category 1 - I would gladly vote for this candidate
Herman Cain
Rick Santorum

Cain has been nothing but a solid, unapologetic conservative with a real plan to fix things. I have sent Cain money. He is my choice. Santorum can get a bit whiny at times but I can't argue with his message. If Herman doesn't pan out, I'll look to Santorum.

Category 2 - I'll hold my nose and vote for this candidate
Rick Perry
Michele Bachmann

Perry's stance on instate tuition for illegals is still hanging over his head and it worries me greatly. I did enjoy watching him get into a cat fight with Romney in the debate the other night. I heard a pundit the other day say that if we could see the "real" Perry instead of the one we see in the debates we would have a far improved opinion of him. Where is the real Rick Perry?

I don't know if Bachmann is just stupid or if she's just getting bad advice. Her message is flat and not very exciting. She continues to drop in the polls. I just shook my head when she referred to Cain's 9-9-9 plan as a 6-6-6 plan. Good grief, is that the best she can do? I heard a bunch of liberals yesterday saying the same thing about Cain.

Category 3 - I will not vote for any of these
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
John Huntsman
Gary Johnson
Ron Paul

Romney continues to get worse. It is clear now that Obamacare was based upon his socialized health plan in Massachusetts. And now he's even praising Algore for his work against the hoax of man made global warming. If this man is the nominee it will be sad, because I'll sit out the election. I have a feeling that a lot of other conservatives will too. Obama's second term will be a bitch.

Gingrich says a lot of good stuff and there is no doubt he is a smart guy. I cannot get past the images of him sitting down with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and agreeing with them on things like global warming and cap and trade and bipartisan health care reform. Newt blew the first contract with America, mainly because of his eagerness to COMPROMISE with Dimocrats. Now he wants a second chance for a contract with America. He does not deserve a second chance.

So there it is my friends. What say you?

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Fall Back Edition

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday.
This week’s contest is dedicated to Gilad Shalit. Baruch shuvcha habayta, khayal shel Yisrael…
Council News:
Our good friend Brian over at Snapped Shot has decided to devote his energies to other pursuits instead of blogging and has resigned his seat on the Council. It’s been great having him, and we’ll all miss his good humor and insights on photojournalism.
But hey…looky what we got here! I’m proud to announce the debut of two brand new Council members, Sard from The Right Planet and The Mellow Jihadi, both of whom bring unique outlooks and writing skills to the group. Both have previously appeared as Honorable Mentions and non-Council nominees, and if you’re not already familiar with them, then you’re in for a real treat.
And speaking of Honorable Mentions, this week, Maggie’s Notebook and Capitalist Preservation took advantage of my generous offer of link whorage and earned Honorable Mention status.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Did She Expect?

Well I read this story and I just had to shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes. Anita Perry (Rick's wife) was all upset because Rick was "brutalized" by the media and the GOP for his faith.

Come on Anita, what did you expect? Of course he is going to be brutalized by the media. He is a conservative Republican. If not over his faith, they would surely have found something else. Of course he's going to be brutalized by the GOP. Unless he's a limp wristed RINO, the GOP is going to try and make him nothing more than an outcast.

Apparently Anita broke down in tears. Poor baby. If Perry catches fire and becomes the nominee, it's only going to get worse.

I'm Sick and Tired of Compromise

I have been suffering from waves of nausea as I read a particular comment over at Right Truth. The commenter was upset that many of us supported Herman Cain. He was also upset that we vilified Mitt Romney with the RINO label. Specifically he says,

"Do You See All Of This Bitter Frustration & Vicious RINO Chatter?
This is Negativity Personified, and it only causes Division."

Vicious RINO chatter? I suppose he would rather that we just sit down and shut up, compromise our conservative values, and just allow a watered down, middle of the road candidate like John McCain to be nominated and probably defeated by Obama. This is the same kind of attitude we see from the "establishment Republicans" and most of the pundits on Fox News. Just sit down and shut up!

Not me. I'm tired of compromise. It is compromise that has gotten this country into the mess that we are in now. I don't want to compromise with liberals and moderates. I want to BEAT them, no matter which side of the aisle they are hiding on.

Herman Cain ROCKS! Get off your butts and support him. Mitt Romney is a liberal Republican. He will not get my vote!

Watcher’s Council Nominations – ‘Occupy’ Edition

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday.
Council News:
This week, The Right Planet and Capitalist Preservation took advantage of my generous offer of link whorage and earned honorable mention status.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Far the Mighty Have Fallen

0-5. That's the Indianapolis Colts. They have not won a single game so far. Peyton Manning is out probably for the rest of the year, maybe for good IMO, with an injured neck. Necks are not something you can fool with. A single blow could result in permanent disability for the great QB. I know Manning wants to get back into the fray, but reality is often times sobering.

I am not a Colts fan. They share the division with the Titans. But I do like Manning, I guess cause he came from the University of Tennessee. It is also painful to watch such a normally successful team in the midst of such enormous struggle. It is not a pleasant thing.

Conversely, I watched the unbeaten Detroit Lions dismantle the Chicago Bears last night. Who would have thought last year the Lions would be in such a position?

Indeed the pendulum does swing.

Mormons and Politics

Here's just an observation from your old friend the GROUCH. Since we're on the subject of Mormons I thought about trying to draw a correlation between Mormonism and political beliefs. There seem to be none. On one side of the spectrum we have our good friend, Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah. Hatch for the most part seems to act like a conservative and a good Republican most of the time.

Then we have Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. He's your pure wishy washy finger in the political wind RINO.

Next we have Governor John Huntsman of Utah. This guys is pretty much a pure Dimocrat trying to hide in Republican clothing. I put Huntsman and Romney on about the same level of usefulness. I have no use for either one.

Finally that brings us to the winged monkey, blithering idiot, perpetual liar, Harry Reid of Nevada. Well, there's not much in the way of redeeming qualities for Reid.
So I guess being a Mormon has nothing to do with one's political outlook. On the other hand, I got to thinking about all the denominations of Christians as well as some of the Jews in politics, and it seems there is not much correlation there as well. Perhaps that is a good thing. It probably goes a long way to supporting my assertion that politicians should not be judged or disqualified by their religion (except Muslim).

I don't know what the picture at the top had to do with anything. I just liked it. Nothing wrong with some good HOT muffins!

Walked Into a Lamppost? Hurt While Crocheting? Help Is on the Way

Today, hospitals and doctors use a system of about 18,000 codes to describe medical services in bills they send to insurers. Apparently, that doesn't allow for quite enough nuance.

A new federally mandated version will expand the number to around 140,000—adding codes that describe precisely what bone was broken, or which artery is receiving a stent.

It will also have a code for recording that a patient's injury occurred in a chicken coop. (See code.)

Indeed, health plans may never again wonder where a patient got hurt. There are codes for injuries in opera houses (see code), art galleries (see code), squash courts (see code) and nine locations in and around a mobile home (see codes), from the bathroom to the bedroom. 

Some doctors aren't sure they need quite that much detail. "Really? Bathroom versus bedroom?" says Brian Bachelder, a family physician in Akron, Ohio. "What difference does it make?" (please read on.........)

Boys and girls, have you ever seen such non-sense in your whole life? This is the BS we have to put up with under gubment mandated healthcare. Of course if we don't code things correctly, we don't get paid, or even worse they will take back money they have already paid us and we have already spent. This will grow more onerous, more complex, and more expensive as Obamacare continues to unfold. Really, does anyone care if you broke your arm in an opera house or a trailer park? Did you know there is a code for burns sustained due to my water skis being on fire? REALLY! I can't make this stuff up. Think how much money we would save if we just fired all the people that come up with this crap!

Give me a F***ing break! - GROUCH

Herman Cain - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Here's some headlines from the Drudge Report:

Belafonte: Herman Cain 'is bad apple'...

Cain Fires Back: 'I Left Democrat Plantation Long Time Ago'...

Country singer Lee Greenwood endorses...

SHOCK POLL: SC Primary: Cain 26%, Romney 25%, Perry 15%...
Cain, Romney tied in VA...

The left wing loons and the Republican establishment (notice how I lumped those together?) are very afraid!

I Won't Vote for Mitt Romney Because He's a Mormon

Ha! Made you look, didn't I? No, I'm just kidding. I don't care that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. As far as the presidential contest is concerned his religion or lack of it is a non-issue to me unless he is a Muslim like our current president. Islam is an enemy to the United States so this should be a consideration. I do not know of any terrorist Mormons.

In spite of this I am starting to hear issues of Romney's Mormonism as I did in 2008. I guess those that are disturbed by his front runner status are trying to find ways to deflate him.

As for me the fact that Romney drinks the man made global warming koolaid, invented Romneycare and the personal insurance mandate, and was against life before he was for it is enough reason for me to disqualify him from my vote.

For the record I have known several Mormons in my life. They are good and decent people. Who would not like Donny and Marie? Are they Christian? Will they get to heaven? Ah, that is not up to me to decide. Only God knows what resides in a person's heart.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Herman is my Man!

I have taken the plunge. I sent Herman Cain some money last night. Herman is my man. I have made my choice. The American Spectator presented an article, Nine Reasons why Republicans Should Nominate Herman Cain.

If you're super lazy, here they are, summarized:

1. He [Herman Cain] has no sense of entitlement.
2. He worked at Burger King.
3. He has never held elected office.
4. He is a mathematician.
5. He was a CEO.
6. He is the adult in the room.
7. He would make liberal charges of racism look really, really stupid.
8. The content of his character.
9. 9-9-9
Now get off your butts and let's make this happen!

I can't wait for the RNC to call again begging for money. I can tell them, "I have contributed to Herman Cain. You people need to get off your butts and get behind him."

Friday, October 7, 2011


Anthropomorphism - "the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object."

 The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for various groups of animals.
We are all familiar with:
A Herd of cows
A Flock of chickens
A School of fish
A Gaggle of geese.
However, less widely known is a:
A Pride of lions
A Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens)
An Exaltation of larks
A Parliament of owls (because they look so wise…?)
Now consider a group of Baboons.
Baboons are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.  And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?  Believe it or not…it’s:
A Congress of Baboons! 
I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington.

Hat tip - Neal Boortz

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's All Up to YOU!

I just like Herman Cain more and more every day. Now he has told the "Occupy Wall Street" idiots that they have only themselves to blame for lacking a job. Yes, indeedy, Herman is right again. First of all I betcha the vast majority of the idiots in the Occupy movement voted for Obama. Well, there ya go. Bad decisions lead to bad consequences. Of course I'm sure he will be demonized by both the left and the establishment Republicans.

It all boils down to one thing. If you're going to have good things happen in your life. it is going to be up to YOU to make that happen. If you choose to rely on someone else and particularly the gubment then you will probably be in store for some disappointing results. If you spend your time whining and complaining, you'll find yourself in the same hole from which you started. You tell'um. Herman.

I heard some more of the Fox News pundits saying yesterday that Herman is NOT a serious candidate. Oh they were so hoping for Christie. Too bad they can't get behind Cain with such enthusiasm.