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Monday, January 2, 2012

FINALLY! Somebody Said It!

Finally! Somebody said it! It is about time and well overdue.

This has been kicked around since way back in the Bush administration. The powers that be keep saying we will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. All the while, in spite of toothless sanctions, they keep moving slowly but surely toward their nuclear bomb.

This just gives me one more reason to vote for Santorum. He has the conservative credentials. Liberals hate him. GOOD! He's surging in the polls one day before the Iowa caucus. Will he maintain his momentum? Who knows, but I sure won't be pulling the switch for Romney, Gingrich, or Paul, now or ever.

Now, Rick, back to that bombing thing:
1. If it comes to that, bomb the hell out of them.
2. No rules of engagement.
3. Don't worry about collateral damage. They are Muslims. They all hate us and would kill us if they could.
4. It's all about oil, Rick. Let's drill for our own. Tell the Arabs and the Persians to eat sand.

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking him more each day. I hope he wins Iowa.


    Right Truth