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Sunday, January 1, 2012

No Job? There May Be a Reason

I never have been a big fan of Bill O'Reilly. I think his primary mission in life is to listen to himself BLOVIATE! And yes, he's made tons of money at it. More power to him. And if he's just "looking out for the folks" I can't say I feel much better.

However, on the topic of jobs, or the lack of them, O'Reilly and I are on the same page. In a recent article, his summary of the job climate is RIGHT ON:

The most important thing for a worker to understand is that you have to make yourself indispensable. You have to make your employer money or his life easier. Preferably both. Also, you have to learn as much as you can about your chosen endeavor. Again, if you can fix things, you will earn good money. If you can sell things, you will prosper. If you're primarily interested in tattoos, you will suffer economically unless you're a member of Green Day.

In prosperous years, the marginal workers get by. In tough times, they get the shaft. Let's all hope 2012 finally brings relief on the economic front. But don't count on it. Make your own way and a happy new year will be far more likely to occur.

So true. Think about it. If you were a filthy rich, white, conservative job creator, would you hire the likes of most of these maggot infested people you see in these occupy protests? Probably not. Go HERE to read all of O'Reilly's article.

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