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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Romney? Electable? Hoax?

I have heard it until I'm sick of it. We need to choose Mitt Romney because he's the "most electable". You hear it from the lame stream media. You hear it from the Republican establishment. You hear it from the talking heads on Fox News.

Flash back to 2008. We need to choose John McCain because he's the "most electable". He's the one that will appeal to those precious independent voters. You heard it from the lame stream media. You heard it from the Republican establishment. You heard it from the talking heads on Fox News. We even heard it from Colin Powell who later voted for Obama.

And we ended up with John McCain, a wishy-washy, global warming believing (a hoax), cap and trade supporting (a hoax), who publicly brow beat his supporters for criticizing Hussein Obama. McCain was the candidate who wouldn't fight against the man who wanted to "fundamentally change the United States" into a mediocre European socialist state. No, they might call us RACIST! I guess y'all remember how that worked out.

I have already heard this year the same warnings from the Republican establishment types. We had better play nice and not criticize Obama or those precious independents will go running away in droves.

It's a HOAX folks! A big, fat, smelly, fuming, green fly attracting HOAX! We're sitting back fat, dumb, and happy and letting them pick our losing RINO candidate once again! In the general election it will begin with Romneycare and Mitt and the United States will go down in a flaming wreck! Mark my words!

Oh by the way, John McCain just endorsed Mitt Romney.


  1. You are SOOOOOOO RIGHT on the money on this one, Grouch! I makes me physically ill to have to sit back and watch this happening to my country.

    Oh, and thanks for choosing my beloved Bengals this weekend! :) WHO DEY???? Hopefully, NOT the Texans. (The shape of this country is why I lose myself in football. Have to escape somehow...)

  2. There is talk of Tim Tebow and miracles, but I think it's miraculous the Texans are where they are. I would have expected either the Texans or the Titans to win the AFC south at 9-7.

    If your Bengals put on a decent performance, no turnovers etc. they'll advance.

  3. Yeah I don't get the obsession people have with the idea of Romney being the only one able to beat Obama... seems to me he's pretty much the only one who can't possibly criticize Obamacare, something we definitely need our nominee to be able to do.

  4. Exactly right, Bald Guy, If Mitt is the nominee, Obama will tear him to pieces beginning with Romneycare. It will be very ugly, especially when we finally realize we could have put a conservative at bat.