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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thankful for a Safe Trip

Last Sunday night we had left Key West on the way home. It is a LONG drive from one end of Florida to the other. By the time we passed Ocala on I-75 it was dark and I was planning on making Lake City before calling it a night.

Near Gainesville traffic on the northbound side began to slow almost to a halt and up ahead we could see numerous flashing lights. It was obvious there was a big wreck but it appeared the mayhem was on the other (southbound) side. As we crept along, we could see the remains of trailer trucks scattered all over the place and the really spooky thing was that the southbound side of the freeway was closed all the way back to the north, well beyond the horizon. Indeed, what should normally be a sea of approaching headlights was completely dark.

When we finally got past Gainesville, we could see where the traffic was being detoured onto local highways and behind that, traffic was piled up for miles. It was only later after we got to a hotel in Lake City that we heard of the massive chain reaction pileup on the interstate. We heard that 10 people had lost their lives. For a brief minute I thought that this could have just as easily happened on the northbound side and we could have been involved. We also experienced some of the smoke and fog that allegedly cause the accident.

We had one of the greatest vacations ever and I am thankful we made it safe and sound. I am very sorry for those folks involved in that terrible crash.

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  1. I'm sorry for those folks too. It's a mixed bag when you see something like that. You are thankful it was not you, but on the other hand I think of all those other families who lost loved ones.

    Right Truth