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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The TRAGEDY That is Ron Paul

We are drowning in debt. The federal gubment is expanding in huge chunks, TRILLIONS of dollars at a time. There is only ONE candidate who by his campaign rhetoric seems serious about really cutting spending. By cutting I mean really cutting, not simply reducing the rate of growth. The champion cutter is none other than Ron Paul.

Did you know that Ron Paul has stated he would ELIMINATE the following:
1. Federal Aviation Administration
2. Low Income Home Energy Assistance
3. Office of Justice Programs
4. Justice Assistance Programs
5. Juvenile Justice Programs
6. Community Oriented Policing Services
7. Food for Peace Grants
8. Research and Education Activities of the Department of Agriculture.
9. Foreign Agriculture Service
10. Women, Infants, and Childern (WIC)
11. Transportation Security Administration
12. International organizations (Dept of State)
13. International Commissions
14. International Drug Programs
15. Iraq Reconstruction Fund
16. International Assistance Programs
17. The ENTIRE Department of Energy
18. The ENTIRE Department of Housing and Urban Development
19. The ENTIRE Department of Commerce
20. The ENTIRE Department of the Interior
21. The ENTIRE Department of Education

In addition he has recommended big cuts in:
1. Defense
2. Transportation
3. Health and Human Services
4. Justice
5. Agriculture
6. Homeland Security
7. State Department
8. EPA
9. Executive Office of the President
10. Children's Health Insurance Programs
11. Food Stamps
12. Family Support Programs
13. Child Nutrition Programs

With the exception of Defense I agree with all of this and there is no doubt that a lot of waste in defense could be eliminated as well. We hear none of this from any of the other candidates. Instead they choose to dance around the issue and chip away here and there at the overblown debt. The TRAGEDY is that Ron Paul refuses to identify the enemies of the United States (Islam), blames the United States for the 9-11 attacks, thinks it's OK for Iran to have a nuclear bomb, and would refuse to defend the nation against attacks foreign and domestic. His foreign policy is just CRAZY, otherwise he'd have my vote without question. How great would it be if Rick Santorum or Rick Perry adopted Paul's cutting strategy? If a Republican defeats Obama in 2012 (I certainly am not sure of this) I don't see any meaningful reduction of the debt in our future. Greece and Europe, here we come!

Go HERE to read an excellent article on the candidates' views on cutting spending and a very interesting graph.

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