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Monday, January 2, 2012

Wildcard Sunday - GROUCH's Predictions

Well, the Titans were eliminated yesterday as Cincinnati managed to secure the 6th seed position in the AFC playoffs. Since I have no dog in the fight once again, I'll adopt a team as I did last year. This year it will be the Denver Broncos. I'm simply a Tim Tebow fan, but they looked miserable yesterday in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and they host the Steelers in the wild card round of the playoffs......ugh. Anyway, perhaps God will reward Tebow with a miracle. He'll need one. Here are my picks for next weekend:

AFC wild card round

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans
I still haven't figured out how Houston won the division with 3rd string QB's and all. I think their luck runs out. I'm giving it to the Bengals by a touchdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos
The AFC north is probably the strongest division in football. The AFC west is probably the weakest. The Steelers have lots of playoff experience. The Steelers will rout the Broncos in Denver. Sorry Tim.

NFC wild card round

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants
The Giants have looked shaky but so have the Falcons. Eli Manning is a magician. The Giants defense is going to have an awesome game and Manning is going to be on fire. I'm predicting a 2 touchdown win for the Giants. If the Giants look as good as they did last night against the Cowboys, they may be the surprise NFC team in the Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints
I think the Lions will be tough but unless Drew Brees has a complete meltdown I'm predicting a Saints victory by 10.

So boys and girls, you have my predictions. If you think I'm all wet, lets hear about it.

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