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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Doldrums

Well, football is over until next August. It's still winter time. The days are short, but getting longer. The weather is cold, but not as cold as you would expect thanks to manmade global warming and those evil conservative capitalists, but it's still too cold to do much of anything outside. Basketball really sucks.

Yes, it's February, my least favorite month. It's time to start working on income tax, BLAH! Every year we have a presidential election, we also have a leap year. Have you ever noticed that? And ugly February is one day longer. I always thought they should have given the extra day to April, a month that actually deserved to be a day longer, but it was not up to me.

And this election year is particularly depressing, listening to Obama, Romney, and Gingrich bicker back and forth. It's hard to tell much difference between them.

February, 2012 was tempered a bit by our trip to Key West at the end of January. 80 degree temps, sunshine, good food, and a hot woman will always make you feel much better. On the other hand, I just saw on my weather page where the high temp Saredee is only going to be 36 degrees......ugh.

Oh well, I'm sucking it up and anxiously awaiting the arrival of March and the Vernal Equinox, long days, warm nights, croaking frogs, good smells, and my hot woman by my side! Yeah, Baby!


  1. I'm with you sweetie! Can't wait for warm weather.

    And my honey pot by my side.

    Right Truth

    1. You're pretty sweet. You can warm your cold fangers on me.