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Sunday, February 12, 2012

FREE = ACCESSIBLE ??? How Does That Work?

Of course the big hoopla news of the week is Hussein Obama's assault on the first amendment by forcing Catholic charities etc. to provide contraception for it's employees. Now dear leader has "modified" his approach and now instead is going to mandate that the insurance companies for these organizations provide FREE coverage of contraception for the employees.

Of course nothing really changes. The Catholic charities will still end up paying the premiums for the coverage and of course nothing is going to be FREE. The insurance companies will simply pass along the cost of the FREE contraceptives in the form of higher premiums for you and me.

Hussein argues that this must be done to make contraception ACCESSIBLE for everyone. Since when was it NOT accessible? I remember years ago before I had my tubes tied that sweet Wifey used to take birth control pills. They were easily accessible. She took a prescription to the drug store and PAID FOR THE PILLS and that was that. I don't remember an insurance company ever being involved. What a novel idea, paying for your own contraception! Even when I was in school, we didn't have a lot of money, but nevertheless we both WORKED and contraception was easily accessible. If push came to shove you could buy some rubbers from a machine in the service station.

So he mandates you buy health insurance. He mandates the insurance companies provide FREE contraception. What kind of knucklehead liberal policies will he mandate next? Is he going to mandate you buy an electric car? Is he going to mandate you stop using incandescent light bulbs? Oh wait, that is already happening! Is he going to mandate you can't throw a football on the beach? Oh wait, that is already happening too......where will it all end?

So many of our freedoms are being taken away, bit by bit. And like the frog in the pot, we won't realize that we are being boiled alive until it's too late.

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  1. Just some general observations on paying for health care US v UK systems, Doc Grouch.

    You are corect nothing is free - the UK NHS (National Health Service) is not 'free' . Consumes about 9% of our GDP , but considerably less %age of GDP than USA spends on healthcare.

    NHS is BY NO MEANS perfect.
    I (50 years old) have only once had cause to use it for one course of painkillers for back ache, so although currently unemployed , over my lifetime have paid several £10Ks in to it for ~ £10 worth of pills + one five minute consultation.

    However , if I get and die within 9 months of oesophigal cancer as my dear father did in 2006 , I will more than get my £10Ks back

    So as I see it our NHS is an insurance scheme , just a compulsory state one.
    Now despite being a liberal ,(although voted UK conservative most of my life , but UK conservative = US Democrat; UK Labour = US communist), I don't like being told what to do by the state , which I know is one of your problems with ObamaCare(TM).

    However , here is my quandry - despite what you may hear , and there are horror stories in all systems , in the main NHS cover very good . No complaints with my father's care, or all of my family's experiences. I am the healthy black sheep in the family.

    We pay FAR less per head than you (9% v 15%), but , for example our life expectancy is slightly higher.

    Aside from the 'principle' of being free to pay your own premiums , rather than paying through UK National IInsurance scheme into NHS, is upholding that principle worth it ? Think what you could do with that 6% GDP- or more pertinantly the vast tax cuts you could get, or spend extra on defenc(S)e, forexample,if so inclined.

    Like most things it is not black and white , and I DO have mixed things about our NHS which some here treat like a religion.