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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to Me

Every day with my sweet Wifey is a good day. Valentine's Day is here and she got me an oh so nice present, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. This is a high powered digital art and photo manipulation program. For many years I have been using the now defunct, Micrografx Picture Publisher. Problem is that Picture Publisher was never made to run on a MacBook Pro, only my old PC. My other choice would be to install Windows 7 on the Mac and use a program like Parallels or VMware to make the PC program work. Geez, Microsoft wants 200 bucks for Windows 7 and they won't sell multiple licenses for it anymore. I think Parallels is about 70 bucks, so poot on that idea. Windows blows anyway compared to Lion OS.

I got Wifey a new printer for her Mac and a small flat screen TV to hang in front of her treadmill (my treadmill). Not very romantic you say? Well, she was absolutely delighted.

Below is a picture of me created by my friend, Charles Grant. He is using Adobe Photoshop. Pretty cool, doncha think?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I was delighted with my presents and plan to enjoy using them for many years to come, as you probably will with your Adobe PhotoShop Elements 10. Every day with you is Valentine's Day!

    Right Truth