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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's all about SPECULATION!

It is fun to get into arguments with liberals over gasoline prices. The looney environmentalist wackos would have us believe a bunch of nonsensical things. The first of which that drilling for oil will not reduce oil prices, stating that it will be years before we will see any of that oil.

Even if that were true there is still no reason NOT to drill, if not for now, for the future. The truth is that the price of oil is driven by SPECULATION of the supply rather than the actual supply at any given time. This is the case with any commodity. If the feeling is that the crop of oranges in Florida and California is going to be affected by bad weather or some kind of plague, prices will go up on the speculation that the supply will be limited. It is the same with oil, perhaps even on a greater scale.

Building the Keystone pipeline NOW, drilling in ANWR, and lifting the moratorium on gulf drilling would have an immediate effect. Building more refineries would be a good start as well. I read on Drudge the other day that Saudi Arabia is reducing the supply of oil in the face of our skyrocketing gasoline prices. You can bet if suddenly the Arabs believed that the US was deadly serious about producing its own oil and becoming independent of OPEC, the spigots would be mysteriously opened. Supply would increase and prices would fall. Due to speculation of future increased supply, prices would also be pushed downward and it would happen rather quickly.

Environmentalist wackos would also have us believe that wind and solar must be factored into the future energy equation. Anyone with half a brain can see that wind and solar do not work and will not meet our energy needs. Millions, perhaps billions of dollars have already been wasted on solar projects that simply do not work.....remember Solyndra? No telling how much money has been wasted on electric cars that simply do not work and people simply don't want. The irony is that many studies have now appeared that indicate electric cars have a higher carbon footprint than conventional automobiles. Yes indeedy, when you plug in your little bundle of nonsense and you're feeling so good about yourself, you are consuming electricity most likely generated by...........wait for it......

Fossil fuels! And it is most likely from one of those oh so nasty coal fired plants. Unless your electric car gets its charge from hydro power or nuclear, you're doing some mighty unclean charging.

The wackos also have hissy fits over the environmental issues of drilling. The Keystone pipeline has been studied and studied and studied. The area in Nebraska in question already has 25000 miles of pipeline. Why can't the wackos just be truthful? They just don't want anybody to have oil. No matter what the truth or the facts, they will still come up with yet another excuse not to drill. They want us to have more big gubment to force us to buy electric cars and ride electric trains and give up our pickup trucks and SUV's. Yes indeed, they need to employ gubment to save the planet from the HOAX of manmade global warming.

One day the technology may exist that allows things like solar and wind power to meet our energy needs. There will probably appear new technologies that might seem like science fiction to us now. But for the foreseeable future, oil is where it's at and we're stupid not to exploit our oil resources to the max.

I told a goofy liberal the other day that when we could fly a 767 across the ocean on cool breezes and sunbeams that I would believe his environmentalist BS.


  1. There is a 200 year supply of oil in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Thats 200 years steady supply ! If you google Canadian Oilsands or Fort McMurray Alberta , you'll get all kinds of info. There is also a ton of oilsands in Northern Saskatchewan. If this oil was exploited and tapped into, it would probaly lower world prices remarkedly. Does'nt suprize me about Obummer wanting to Make algae into oil. That way he can tell all the environazis that he's making an effort to make greener policies. Since they were one of his biggest supporters in 08, he's gonna be kissing their asses a whole bunch !

    1. Paladin, I have read that the Bakken reserve in North Dakota has a similar amount, perhaps more. Obummer is stuck on this green energy nonsense which is a failure and a hoax. We just need to go get our own oil and tell the Arabs and the envirowackos to go to hell.

      I betcha DemocratAbroad powers his car on cool breezes and sunbeams.

  2. Yes i've heard about the Bakken reserves. There's no shortage of oil in North America, only the Algae sucking enviro Nazis would have people believe such a fallacy. And WE CAN Tell the Araaaaabs to go to hell. We don't need their oil anymore. And they know it too.. let em sell it to the chinamen, they should treat those towel headed assholes good, when they colonize em. LOLS @ DemocratsAbroad...he not only uses cool breezes and sunbeams , but a lot of hot air as well ! He posted a comment on my blog, under the name Seaton Della....i had to "edit" it a wee bit ! LOL !

    1. PALADIN I think Seaton Della is really worried that he is going to hell. He knows how to change that but he would have to admit I am right and he is wrong. Pride goeth before a fall.

  3. Yeah i can't for the life of me understand why people hate faith , most notedly Christianity so much ? It was written in the Bible that it would be that way, but it still befuddles me to think that some people prescribe to it so much now a days. Seems we've lost our way and our moral compass. Like the old sheriff said in the movie, No Country For Old Men.....It's the dismal tide ! As for me, i'm far from perfect, and i have many flaws, but i still believe that the Good Jewish Carpenter died for me. Yes he did....and nobody will ever take that from me.