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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Man Standing

I have not blogged about presidential candidates in a while, mainly because it has become so distasteful to even think about it. The media has decided that the race is now a slug-fest between Romney and Gingrich. The more I listen to either one of those guys, the more nauseated I become. Herman Cain is gone. Rick Perry has dropped out. Michele Bachmann has retreated to the House. Ron Paul is crazy.

The last man standing for me is Rick Santorum. He is the only one left that really is a conservative, and I heard the other day that at long last he called man made global warming a HOAX! Yea! It's about time. Hard to know if Santorum will still be around when the primary happens in Tennessee.

It is also hard to know what will happen for sure at the Republican convention, but If the GOP doesn't give me Rick Santorum or a conservative like him in the general election, it will be the first time that I have sat it out since 1972. I just CANNOT vote for the likes of Romney or Gingrich.


  1. I genuinely admire your principled stand, but surely from your perspective Mittens is the lesser of two evils ?

    If large numbers follow your stance, The 'dimocrats' and the 'Dear Leader' WILL get 4 more years.

    1. SeatonDella, If you vote for the lesser of two evils, it is still evil. This is why people like YOU should refuse to SETTLE for a RINO and support a conservative. There is no difference between Romney and Obama.

    2. Apologies I messed up login - SeatonDella is my twitter a/c., I am DemocratsAbroad who has been corresponding with wifey by email about trouble had getting comments posted, amongst other things.

      ANYWAY, If enough RINOs were as 'pure' and principled as you a true Conservative MAY beat our Dear Leader , but the reality is they won't , sothat makes me confident 60:40 of 4 more years.

      Hope you enjoyed Super Bowl, and great FL pics over at wifey's site.

    3. Thanks, DemocratsAbroad:

      The super bowl was great and I picked the winner. The FL trip with my sweetie pie was even better.