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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Looney Facebook Liberal's View of Republican Voters

This is pathetic, but I intercepted this from one of the looney Facebook liberals. She is explaining why people in the south vote for Republicans. Just read and sadly shake your heads:

I can only speak for the deep South - They vote against their best interests because they believe - DEEPLY BELIEVE - that gay marriage is an abomination that will destroy the family, that abortion is murder, not matter what, that any health care that includes birth control (and many other "women's" health issues, for that matter) is something that should come out of their pockets, that a woman's place is only in the home and she needs to get her behind back in the kitchen, where it belongs, that publicly-lead prayer belongs back in our schools, and that the only good education is a private, religiously-based one that teaches evolution as science. I mean none of this sarcastically. They really do believe this. Since the Republican party is currently telling them this is okay and this is what they are going to bring back (A return to an idealized version of the 1950s), they vote for them. They DO NOT LOOK at the big business agenda and the payola taken from lobbyists to go against the best interests of this country.

This is pretty pathetic and very revealing. She begins by deciding what is in "our best interest" like she should know better than we. The Bible, not I, declares that homosexuality is an abomination. Frankly I could care less which way one swings. On the other hand I won't have to explain my lifestyle choices before God.

Yes abortion is murder. What else would you call the taking of an innocent life?

Uh, what is wrong with paying for healthcare out of your pocket, women's health issues or otherwise? Who else should pay for it and why?

There are plenty of successful women who have been both mothers and explored other careers. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann immediately come to mind.

I have no problem with prayer in schools or public places. If a Jew, a Muslim, or a Buddhist wants to utter a prayer, I have no problem with it. I am not offended by it nor am I threatened by it. If I don't want to hear it I can get up and leave.

I wouldn't doubt that private, religiously based education is probably the best way to go. I have paid for my grandson's education in this setting and I don't think we could have done any better. Some of the skulls full of mush turned out this day and time by the gubment schools are a disgrace. The NEA of course is part of the problem.

Yes, I'm voting against the socialist Dimocrat party simply because those evil Republicans tell us it is OK. It couldn't have anything to do with failed Dimocrat programs, one after another, exploding debt, diminution of our military, and erosion of our personal liberty and God given rights......no it couldn't possibly be because of any of that.

By the way, I found out this woman is a teacher......God help us.


  1. You'll not be suprised I agree with most but not all of your 'loony tune friend' 's views.

    To pick out one thing - it never ceases to amaze me how an intelligent, DOCTOR , could let the ramblings of bronze age sheep herders and the like, trump his expensive medical training and knowledge.

    Yes, a foetus is alive , but I would have no more compunction destroying those unwanted alive cells than alive e coli cells.
    Neither are human beings.

    The POTENTIAL to become a human being is not the same as BEING one.

    When my girlfroend had her abortion some years ago, that was her business nobody elses.

    On a lighter note, I'm sure you enjoy albeit in a masochistic way 'engaging' with your 'libotard' friends.

  2. Arguments FOR abortion never cease to amaze me ...I guess thinking of them as 'unwanted alive cells' with 'potential to become a human being' makes them feel better about their decision.

    As for the person you quoted in your post, I don't know what world SHE comes from, but in my world, birth control has always been something that people paid for out of their pockets. Condoms are sold over the counter, all other common forms of birth control (IUD's, the pill, etc) were obtained through your doctor which involved a co-pay for the office visit and money to fill the prescriptions. To expect an employer to pay for this out of pocket is ridiculous. Obama's 'compromise' of mandating insurance companies cover the cost is short-sighted and stupid since insurance companies are in business to make money and will therefore just pass the cost on in the form of higher premiums. Duh!

    I hope this person is not an English or Language Arts teacher since she contradicts her own argument when she says, '...and that the only good education is a private, religiously-based one that teaches evolution as science.' Um. I think that's one of the main objections from the Christian right ...that evolution is taught as a SCIENCE rather than a theory as is really the case.

    You just can't fix stupid.

  3. Dem Abroad, How do you know that mass of cells is not a human being? Prove it to me. I believe this being has a soul even before the time of conception. What if you're wrong and those masses of tissue indeed are tiny human being complete with a soul and a right to life. You'll have to explain your murderous beliefs and actions before the Almighty one day.

    HossBoss, This woman could be a poster child for why we need private, religious based education. My grandson has had a great experience at Donelson Christian Academy where he learns reading writing, science, and arithmetic and can pray to Jesus each and every day without shame or repercussion.

  4. I don't think you can prove your stance to me either Doc.

    But then you have the 'FAITH' (TM) trump card. Shucks. I lose. (Good 'ole British sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on it - yeah I know lowest form of wit worldwide - but on this side of the pond the opposite).

    In other news - although not affecting your pocket book, I am no longer a drain on UK welfare state, and no longer one of our 2.7 million unemployed. Got a new contract, so my future comments won't be 4 am Greenwich Mean Time ( 10 pm Grouch Mean Time), as from 20 Feb. I will have to keep respectable hours.

    I watched CBS news on Sky , and apparently US economy turning positively. If so , bad timing for you guys. Apparently all 3 major auto makers in profit , biggest since the 60s. Half of bailout $50 billions repaid. But then of course I'm sure Fox News would have a different interpratation.

    1. DemAbroad, I'm not overly optimistic about the economy. When you figure the number of people that have stopped looking for work, our modified unemployment rate is hovering around 11 percent. Also with gas heading for 5 bucks a gallon and Obama just sitting on his ass watching it happen and being happy about it, I have a feeling any improvement or recovery in the economy may be quenched. We shall see. At any rate, it is good you got off the gubment dole.

    2. Thanks for your good wishes.

      Since I last filled up the other day petrol gas up another 13 cents per US gallon.

      Dave our dear leader has another 40 cents waiting in the wings he postponed until April.
      Just as well my small car does 70 miles per UK gallon.

      ~ 75 % of forecourt price is tax. Well I suppose someone has topay when we don't have just 99 weeks dole , but INDEFINITE.

      I'd better watch myself ,I'm almost sounding like a US Republican !

      I am a UK republican - GET RID OF OUR QUEEN . Republic of England.

  5. PS. If, (hypothetically for the sake of argument / jousting with The Grouch) your God (as opposed to all the others), DOES EXIST , and I am due to burn in hell , what a nastly vindictive piece of shit God is.
    There goes another one of ten commandments, and he/she/it is an arrogant twat too , correct me if I'm wrong but if I recall from compulsory UK religious education class, (there's an irony - compulsory mainly christian classes and we're one of the most irreligious countries on earth).
    Isn't taking its name in vein one of the top commandments ? Surely murder (of human beings as opposed to those clumps of cells), should be no.1 ? But, hey God moves in mysterious ways.

    BTW my stepmother is a very serious Christian , but her flavo(u)r of the faith doesn't believe in the burning in hell concept. She explained to me I was going to a place 'without God' , not being burned , tortured etc., just no God. I'm happy with that version of hell, thanks.

    Religious belief wise , main difference between us is you just disbelieve in one less god than I disbelieve in.

  6. DemAbroad, Well I guess you can look at it any way you want. I don't happen to think God condemns anyone to hell. On the contrary, He gives everyone an opportunity at redemption. Many choose to reject this free gift. It is a matter of choice.

    I have no idea why God numbered the 10 Commandments in the way He did. You'd have to ask Him that, but I think they all carry equal weight regardless of numbering.

    As to the nature of hell, I can't say. I agree with your stepmother's interpretation that it is a place without God. Now whether it is a literal lake of fire I don't know. We're talking about souls and spirits, not earthly bodies, so I am not sure if the ideas of pain and torture in a physical sense apply. The human writers of the books were tasked with trying to describe a spiritual state of being in terms mortals could understand. If you believe you're going to end up in hell I guess it would be in your best interest to believe there is no fire. What if there is a fire?

    One of my hobbies is jousting with people over these blog posts and especially on Facebook. There are a bunch of tightly wound, way overly serious, easily offended people there and I love it when I find one. One thing I never do with any of them though is take them into the religious arena. I don't question their faith or their religious beliefs and NEVER would I tell one of them they were going to burn in hell. Only God knows what is truly in a man's heart and no mortal has knowledge of another man's relationship with God. It is not my place to pass judgement. On occasion I have had some of them question my Christianity. Usually at the same time they accuse me of wanting to let babies starve and not be treated for diseases.......yes they REALLY think that is the way I am simply because I identify myself as a conservative.......and they really know nothing about me at all. Once they play the "Jesus Card" as I call it then all bets are off and I launch into them with guns blazing and the conversation usually centers on the fact that they sanction the murder of the unborn in spite of claiming to be God fearing Christians. I give them a choice of choosing Christianity over murder and most of them are so indoctrinated by liberal nonsense that they will cling to abortion every time. At this point, most of them (usually always women) get angry, call me names, and then block me, and then they go berate their friends who are still my friend for not blocking me as well. It is just like highschool all over again.

    The moral of the story is not to play the Jesus Card with me on Facebook unless you're prepared for a real battle. I don't allow others to be my religious authority or set my moral compass for me.

    One last thing about hell. I remember a preacher named Bob Harrington, also known as the chaplain of Bourbon Street. In a sermon he once told his listeners (I paraphrase) that there had to be a hell, simply because a bunch of sinners would not be happy for all eternity with a bunch of believers in a place called heaven. I kinda makes sense.

    I'm tired of typing.

  7. Well I appreciate your response, I am always interested in contrary opinions , otherwise why would I read you , wifey and Jenny Weber's rants ?

    The old maxim of not bringing up religion/politics at the dinner table is wise in certain repects.

    I know in Chrisian belief there is always the chance of accepting God right up to the death bed , being redeemed and going to heaven , but that really is one of my 'beefs'. I know it's a very unoriginal argument , but why should (at the extreme) a very good in all other ways person be condemned v the proverbial mass murderer who recants on death row and is heaven bound from the execution ?

    In other words it semms to me the most important thing to God is we believe in him/her/it, and good deeds etc., living a good life are secondary.

    Anyway your faith obviously gives you something as it does my step mother and best friend, but whatever that 'something' is I'm happy to pass.

    But I appreciate your responses, and your observation about high school antics on FaceBook , (which I don't use) , is very apt.

    Well no more postings at 0346 GMT for the previously stated reason.