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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama is Worried About the Black Vote???? Really?????

Here's a hot one. Obama is courting the BLACK vote! Yessireebob he has played the race card and called on black churches to support his campaign.

Now I really have to wonder about this. Up until now he has pretty much ignored black folks. I mean 9 out of 10 blacks are going to vote Dimocrat anyway, or are they? I wonder if there is some internal polling going on indicating his support among blacks is slipping? Or perhaps he is such a dud as a President that they have just become disinterested and are planning on staying home.

Whatever the story the writer of the article imagines the outrage if a candidate like Ron Paul started campaigning for the white vote. Can you imagine the outrage?

I'm thinking I should start a movement called, "Crackers for Santorum."


  1. Obama is only going to get 80% of the Black vote. He got 95% in 2008. I guess that Blacks either are getting fed up with him, or they refuse to go out and vote.

  2. Well, I hope your right about the 80 percent thing, Findalis. If you are, he will lose.

  3. I started to watch the video of the a-hole , but i quit it after 20 seconds....i can't stand this jag off ! Geez what an offensive , pandering , racist he is. i wonder if his campaign will get the Black Panther Terrorists to go out and intimidate voters again in Nov? Either way i can see trouble coming in the form of riots if he loses.

  4. My worry is all the votes he got from people who never voted for him, made up, and used other peoples names, I am sure Harry Ried did the same in Nevada the last time, They cheat so bad, that when they loose they want a recount, to try and figure our why their game plan did not work.

    1. Yes, traveler, I wouldn't doubt a thing you're saying.